ULTRAMARINE blue stories

narcoswing FULL RAINBOW
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a brilliant deep blue pigment originally obtained from lapis lazuli.


I’m yours to play and destroy, You could break me and I won’t be mad at all

It’s hard to get up when you fall in love, I fill my glass and it never overflows

Dragon's Blood taste just like true love.

I hear you whispering my name “It’s your voice”

It’s from the back of my head “A million thorns in my brain”

I scream in silence, you make me insane. "I look for ways to feel you again"

So I elevate..

Just to find out you are not there

Our friends were never mine, & I have to say is ok.

This feeling is consuming every color in my spectrum


My body is laying in someone else’s bedroom

I see parts of you in them, Oh I try to look for you in him

It’s 3 am and I failed myself again

When my eyes are close, His arms feel just like yours.

I want to replay all the beautiful things you used to say

In a loop like a broken cassette

Until I overdose

You’re never enough

I relapse in the memory of us.

In this everlasting Prussian night My eyes are shedding Sapphire lights

I’m asking God to make you stay with me

And to set me free from feeling Ultramarine

I said love with no remorse Now I see life in Indigo.

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