NECTAR feelings stories
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narcoswing none of your roses in my garden
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I’m dying to know//sweating sweet blackberry lemonade


Cheesecake & strawberries Your voice is a summer song

Dark chocolate covered cherries Your kiss keeps me young

Matcha, Vanilla, Malibu Rum You burn so good just like Fireball

Hibiscus, Mango, Butterscotch Would this be forever cause I’m dying to know.

Grape skin between my teeth Pineapple pulp from my mouth to yours Your name is a spell Your hands put me in a trance Sweating sweet blackberry lemonade

Framboise eau de vie flavored dagger; Sweet nectar of life.

Intoxicated from your movement; Climax one more time.

I’m thinking about: Letting you in, Drinking this out A new flavor you can’t live without

Been wanting you since before we were born We were meant to feast in love

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