Imaginary Encounter
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narcoswing none of your roses in my garden
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None of your roses in my garden.

Imaginary Encounter

What is it that I cannot provide?

Am I not enough to please and satisfy?

I don’t want to admit that you’re gone

Sixty seconds were longer than I thought

Last month they believed in us

you used to call me yours

From Virginia Beach to Ontario's Lake

But to the altar we'll never get

You seen me cry so many times

About the unfairness of this life

What feeling do you get,

Knowing we'll be miles and bodies away?

You know I'm awake

Wondering in who's bed your body lays

You hear me, somehow we are interlaced

Daydreaming of our imaginary encounter

The kids as they run turn into powder

Our future home is in ashes

The Cadillac oxidizes

None of your roses in my garden

What's left my loneliness devours

Many missed calls

That night was snowing and I waited for hours

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