Ashokan Reservoir, NY
Ashokan Reservoir, NY art stories

narcoswing Community member
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Existential questions at the border of a bridge.

Ashokan Reservoir, NY

I want to sleep in the horizon

I want to die in the reflection of the sun

Would the wind break my fall?

Would the water clear my soul?

It’s magnificence reminds me I’m just a coincidence

Billions of hearts in the search of everlasting happiness

I keep the big questions to myself

I overflow on thought

I want to talk to God

I’m just as small as the fish in the pond;

In a sense we’re the planets and it’s satellites,

A big explosion, someone’s rib.

We are a millisecond in this millennium called galaxy,

Your fathers eyes and your mother's smile,

A perfect accident, an irrational number

Your neighbor and your brother.

I’m the lines in this screen

I can decide what the future would bring

I come alive through your mind.

dare to question dare to fight dare to fail dare to die

Thank you for your time.

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