Remembering Him
Remembering Him remembering stories
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naraesarang 21yo with too many unrequited loves.
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The final part of the trilogy submitted for English Writing 2015 - A trilogy I titled "Him"

Remembering Him

This colour reminds me of him.

Today I saw it in my coffee,

Tomorrow I’m not sure where it’ll be.

I see it everywhere.

It described his personality,

Warm and comfortable.

It is one of the colours that surrounded him,

In his hair,

The undertones of his skin.

It reminds me of things I want to remember,

But don’t.

Things I don’t want to remember,

But do.

It reminds me of his voice,

Light and dark simultaneously.

It’s smooth like coffee,

Flowing through the air like one of Mozart’s sonnets.

It reminds me of autumn,

With vibrant leaves falling around my feet,

And his.

It reminds me of the flickering fire on the cold winter’s night,

When he left me.

This colour reminds me of him.

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