How I fall in love.
How I fall in love. love stories

naraesarang 23yo with too many unrequited loves.
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Just another poem about love that’s not great

How I fall in love.

I fall in love as if I was travelling.

I pick the destination based on first impressions,

Waiting to be dazzled.

As soon as I start my journey,

I find I love everything about it.

The sparkle of the sun reflecting in their eyes,

Their laugh lines crinkling because of an inside joke.

I never know when I’ve fallen to deep

Because to me,

Love is infinite.

It doesn’t matter how long I’ve been in love with a person,

They are suddenly in everything that I see,

At the supermarket, their names come up in brands previously overlooked,

Businesses I’d glanced at once but now hold a significant meaning,

Even initials that are irrelevant;

But they all mean something to me.

I’ll never forget any of my loves,

They’ve had too much of a profound effect.

I still love them,

There is a smidgen of my heart that is reserved every time I fall in love,

A place where my infatuations can lie dormant once the passion has burnt out.

I can’t wait until I find someone,

Someone who’s passion never burns out in my heart.

To me that’s when I know they are the one.

When I’m excited to see them everyday,

When a little note saying “you look beautiful today”

Means more to me than my favourite novel;

That’s when I know I’m in too deep to ever resurface.

At the same time, I’m terrified.

Not of commitment,

Not of the love itself;

What scares me is that one day,

Someone is going to love me back.

I’m a stubborn person,

When I find something I like,

I stick with it,

Until the end of time.

So I’m scared of falling in love,

But I’m excited.

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