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naraesarang21yo with too many unrequited loves.
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It’s not a good poem but it’s my thoughts.


For my entire life,

I’ve dreamed of a love that surely cannot be.

It’s so pure and romantic,

A happily ever after.

I have dreamt for years,

That one day,

My true love would happen upon me.

Growing up,

And even now,

I still fantasise about it,

What it would be like,

If dreams came true.

What if perfect partners from rom-coms were real?

I have spent my life dreaming,

Dreaming that my favourite characters would come to life.

A small part of me,

A part that’s overwhelming,

Tells me it’ll never be.

That even if they existed,

They’d be destined for someone else.

I’ve faced rejection before,

It hurts,

Like a white hot knife stabbing me through the heart.

Sometimes I feel like it will never happen,

But I’m in limbo.

I won’t know until it happens.

I love love, I love romance, I love passion.

So even though I fantasise,

There’s still a part of me that’s hopeful.

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