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naraesarang 23yo with too many unrequited loves.
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Just some poetry and thoughts after being gone for quite a while


All I want is for someone to hold me

Hold me like I’m the only thing keeping attached to the ground

For someone to hold my hips and whisper to me

Tell me that I’m the fire running through their veins

And that they’re burning for me

I long for a passion that burns

Burns brighter than a thousand suns

Waking up in the morning in their embrace

Feeling like it’s home

To feel so complete

That I can’t remember before

I want them to make me feel like I’ve never felt

To feel so alive that I’m not just surviving anymore

I want them to tell me that I’m nothing like they’ve known

That I’m this enigma they need to figure out

I want to curl up on the couch with them

To have a mug of tea and a warm fire

But to not know anything of the night other than laughter and love

I want to go on so many adventures that my maps are full of stories


But I can’t.. At least for now.

If my anxieties could just quiet

Then I’d have the chance to pursue my desires

Desires that otherwise lay in wait to strike me unknowingly

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