The Thoughtful and Resilient Wolf

   The Thoughtful and Resilient 
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naomy15400 Thank you for being alive. I mean it.
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A story of my school life and how I'm trying to change . God bless everyone.

The Thoughtful and Resilient Wolf

There was once was a lonely wolf keeping track of all she's ever known.

Her family, her house, how she was raised, her current lifestyle. She kept track of it all and compared it to others, without even realizing.

One true desire and an approach all too strong. She gave herself a list of requirements to fit in with the rest.

Left alone to see through these two eyes for the life she now lived, she remembered her happiness and wondered why it didn't come easy anymore.

And she would cry. Then forget. And cry some more. Each time those same hot tears. That familiar ache pulling her insides to an unknown destination. She would add more layers to her misery. Let it all weigh down on her. Finally letting the optimistic facade down . Negative thoughts. Loneliness. Anxiety. That debilitating anxiousness.

Then the tears would stop. Her pulling insides suddenly left her to choose for herself where she'd go. So she hoped again.

Nobody found her when she cried. Nobody knew she was crying. So that must mean somewhere there is a happy ending, made for me to find myself, she thought. And she was wrong.

But who could she rely on anyway?

Her yearning for friendship itself, led her here. Now her determination would lead her somewhere else.

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