Words of a different kind.
Words of a different kind. language stories

naobi I am an amateur poet refining my craft.
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The impact of words.

Words of a different kind.

There’s a language we all understand Speaking it, you always have the upper hand Like smooth water running through coarse sand It breaks barriers, builds bridges And with great power commands

A lovely language through and through Let me tell you now what it can do

Stop wars of course, and famines too Paint trees of green and sky’s of blue It can affect both me and you A powerful language through and through

It can start troubles and battles as well To die for their country, hearts of men compel Paint days of black like words of a spell Although lovely this language may be Broken hearts horrid tales will tell If you dare not use it carefully

Be careful, I head, with such a powerful language It can be used for peace, or for anguish

What is this language you may ask Why, love of course, you know at last

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