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I've seen love before I've seen it dance

Love that works

I've seen love before

I've seen it dance

Be present

Happy,humble full love

Too see them vulnerable


Setting her first

Crazy. Why would I watch him love

Yet I was happy for him

He'd often tell me he didn't feel he was enough. Or he isn't able to love me

So When I watched him love

He was selfless

He kept promises

He understood he is worth love

Love was always easy for me

I'm a giver I compromise I listen

I give affirmations and affection

With fore head kisses and warm dishes

I've been love from the moment I craved it

Yet Knowing you are loving

Is it's own gift may you rest there for as long as you can

As for me l was never really missing love

She's always on my mind

So although I love alone

I have the love that works for me


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