The Counted days
The Counted days school stories
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A beautiful friendship between the 3 people and explore their secret

The Counted days

Let's gooo!!! Nani shouted and dragged almost all the boys to the ground. There was only girls and a few boys left in the class.

"Why do we need to do homework and stuff?

It's not like they are of use to me in the future and the course I'm going to take only needs 50 percentage" she said bending forward she rested her upper body on the desk.

Nani's desk was just in front of her and that day something unusual caught her eye. She saw a black diary fairly visible from his bag buried almost in the mess of books.

Weird I didn't know he kept a diary. She, Nani and her boyfriend and were inseparable. Even after with a year of friendship they became so close to each other.

More of like they were considered a awesome trio. Everybody in the class even in the school envied their friendship.

They had a perfect mix of balance and trust were always supporting each other. "Did you know nani kept a diary? "She asked her boyfriend. He was sitting before nani. The trio in a line.

"No" he said sounding quite amused to find it. She reached his bag and took it out. In the front cover he wrote in a calligraphy "The counted Days:)".

What's that supposed to mean? She mumbled, flipped to the first page and started reading it. "Damn its over at last" he said and stretched to relax himself.

"So what does it say?" He asked and turned behind . Her eyes were widened and tears were rolling down her cheeks. He rushed to her and snatched away the diary from her and started reading it.

He couldn't concentrate at all on reading because beside him she was sobbing closing her face with her hands.

But even though he couldn't read it properly he saw a line in the middle of the first page which gave all his answers...

"I'm gifting myself this diary to record all the events from now on because I have a year at most to live. the doctor said ...". He dropped the diary and sat heavily in the nearby chair.

"Where's my water bottle?" Yelling at the entrance nani entered the class. He saw her crying hard at the desk and him staring at the floor breathing heavily and near him was his diary.

It only took him a moment to realise what had happened. With a weak smile he said "maybe keeping a diary was a stupid idea huh?"

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