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nanasmanis (IND/ENG) Kill me, heal me.
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"You just make me feel the pains continue ...."

(A fanfiction, fandom: You Lie In April, Tsubaki&Kousei, BAD grammar!)


"You just make me feel the pains continue ...."

Without realizing it, Tsubaki's tears dropped. Just when she had read one of the messages on her mobile phone. She doesn't want to cry. However, the rows of words that appear from her cell phone screen, are strong reasons to make her heart fragile.

Instantly, her left hand reached into her bag. Searched for a handkerchief, which was given only by the person who sent the message. When she got it, she hurriedly wiped the handkerchief to her cheeks and eyes.

The handkerchief is actually pure white. However, perhaps because of the ink pen in her bag were not given the cover. Make the handkerchief a bit tarnished.

Tsubaki as much as possible hold back tears, that will fall again when writing the reply message.

[If you like him, why don't you just approach her? Watari even approves you as a rival to get Kaori's heart, doesn't it?] It was heavy when her fingers pressed a button on the screen to write a line. Especially when the reply she received is very happy.

Lie. Everything she wrote in the message was a lie.

Trying to be resilient in hurt is hard. And for the first time, she realized that all this time, he just thought of her as a sister. He knew that she was nobody to him.

And naturally, didn't say she was jealous of him.

Only serves as band aid when hurt, only useful as a friend, and just a neighbor status. The funny thing is, she suddenly becomes a big sister, when Kousei is desperate to lose his beloved Mother.

"It's all your fault, Kousei!" The girl took a deep breath, then blew it out. "Why make me loves you? Aren't you the first who gave me hope, so I want to open my heart to you?!"

(And finally, Tsubaki's tears kept falling.)

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