Chronicles of The Chubby Girl: Will She Ever Learn to Accept Herself?
Chronicles of The Chubby Girl: Will She Ever Learn to Accept Herself?
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Nana aka Nadia, is a sixteen year girl who is suddenly forced to move to a new school after a terrible accident in her hometown. She is excited for a fresh start until she realizes that some things never changes.

New school, new boys, new insecurities, and of course new drama.

Chronicles of The Chubby Girl: Will She Ever Learn to Accept Herself?

Nadia's POV

"Nadia, are you up???!!!", Mama yelled from downstairs. I rolled my eye as I stared at myself in the mirror.

"Why isn't Keto working?" I said annoyed. I've been on this new diet for quite some time now. I'm trying to lose this weight before my seventeenth birthday.

The last thing I need is to enter a new year of my life still being overweight. I continued to stretch my belly fat around as if I could just pull it out of my stomach.

After five minutes of this, I finally grabbed my laptop bag as I didn't feel like hearing anymore yelling from my mother.

I went sluggishly down the stairs and saw my mom turn around to look at me with a stare that could kill millions. It wasn't helping that my typically late brother Tre was already down there.

I live with just my mom and brother on the Southside of Baltimore, Maryland. Our father died about three years ago to lung cancer, things has been different since he passed.

I can't quite put my finger on it but mama seems a bit more aggressive then before.

"You look a mess", He said laughing as if he just told the greatest joke on earth.

"Your mother looks a mess", I said back fiercely while quickly forgetting we have the same mom and she was right next to us.

"Excuse you?!"My mom said with her hand on the side of her hip. "Uh..epp..."I'm for-"

"Save it Nana", My mom interrupted me and handed me a comb. "It's time for ya'll to go school and Nana, don't forget to comb through your hair to at least look presentable". I didn't see the point, no matter what I wore, no one would think I looked good. Being over 200 pounds in high school isn't the most attractive thing.

If I am able to get through the day without being ridiculed, I'm lucky. I grabbed the comb from my mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Tre and I proceeded to go to the bus stop.

He never talks to me at the bus stop, school or anywhere in public for that matter. It's not that we hate each other but we are just completely different.

He's not exactly popular but he's not like me. He's slender and pretty easy on the eyes. I've became the school's token big girl that's not really taken seriously.

My bother and I stand in silence on our phones waiting for the bus to arrive. When it finally comes, we sit nowhere near each other. He sees his friends and they shake hands in camaraderie.

I don't know anyone on this bus so I sit alone on the bus to avoid having to travel through the seats.

Being a bigger girl, I tend to get nasty looks as I bump into people due to the lack of room. Now, I just sit in the front to avoid any confrontations.

I put on my headphones, go to Apple Music, and listen to Lizzo to pump me up for school.

20 minutes later...

As the bus comes to a halt and I see the front of my school, my anxiety starts to mess with me. "Breathe Nana, breathe", I said quietly.

I did my breaths then got off the bus as soon as the door opens. I stand still in front of my school and look up to the sky.

"Dad, please give me strength to get through today", I said in a quiet prayer. My palms started to sweat.

"You good, let's get this day started. Something tells me it will be a good one", Tre said playfully shrugging me and walking into the front doors.

"Yea, for you" I said to myself, with my heart pumping and a million thoughts running through my head. After a few seconds, I walked into the doors of hell.....

Let me know how I am doing. Comment for more! :)

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