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When Snowy, Nevaeh, Alanah, and Luciana get a break in high school out in a blizzard, they're left freezing, as they're treated with disrespect, they try seeking shelter but they can't seem to find help.


Me and Snowy are calm girls, while Alanah is not as calm. Nevaeh is more neutral. We're all still friend's though, even with our differences. It's normal.

Recently, we had gone to our high school and they sent us outside for a work break. It was snowing really hard, and we had spent the whole time seeking any sort of shelter.

First, we all met up. "We need to go to the tunnel!" Alanah yelled. Nevaeh and Snowy were discussing something, that I didn't hear. "Come on!" I said.

We all ran to the other side of the field, crossing sewer tops and throwing our legs over big patches of slush. I heard a loud splash sound at some point, but we all ignored it.

We finally reached the other side of the big field. "What if it's muddy?!" Nevaeh freaked. "We'll go in either way, we just need shelter!" Snowy said.

We walked up the steps and crawled into the small tunnel in the tiny contraption.

It had tunnels, twisting ladder-stair thingies,

some sort of monkey bar that isn't really a monkey bar and is more of a torture machine that makes your hands red and you'll fall until you face plant on the ground.

But whatever, we crawled into the tunnel, and there was all sorts of nasty, muddy rocks and other stuff. Nevaeh was right, I wanted to get out immediately.

There were tunnels, and our classmate, Keystin, looked in through the small holes in the side.

He ran up the steps and screamed, "I need to get out quickly!" Me and the other girls shoved our bodies against one side and Keystin ran through the middle, sliding down a tiny slide.

When he left, Nevaeh and Snowy ran out the front, while me and Alanah followed. We had to slide down a slushy, snowy, and wet slide.

Nevaeh went down immediately, while Snowy freaked out when it was her turn to go down.

Alanah tried to help, so she just yelled "Just pull your coat over your pants!" Snowy and Alanah went down, and I just slid down and screamed, "My pants are wet and freezing now!

" I jumped over the puddle at the bottom and we all ran to the other side of the field.

We saw the picnic table area, which it had a roof and Alanah screamed, "Get to the picnic tables!!

" They started discussing, and I jumped over the log until Alanah screamed her 'nickname' for me. "Lulu!" Is what she said. I ran over there and we all walked there together.

We saw our other classmate, Vanna.

Alanah said calmer than usual, "Vanna! We've been left out in the snow and we're freezing! Do you mind if we stay around here for a bit?" Vanna said something, but I couldn't hear what she said.

Her best friend, Gracie, screamed, "We're making super villains!!" They were sketching faces out of colored pencils, but I didn't see any villain in them.

They just looked like female faces with smokey makeup on them. "Well, I guess we gotta go." Alanah said to our main girls.

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