The White Wolf pt.3
The White Wolf pt.3 bts stories

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Y/n didn't want to get up she was about to fall back asleep but here eomma ran into her room Eomma: get up now y/n your going to be late for your plane! That had made y/n wake-up and rush to take a shower she got to the airport and got there before 1 pm.

The White Wolf pt.3

Y/n didn't want to get up she was about to fall back asleep but here eomma ran into her room

Eomma: get up now y/n your going to be late for your plane! That had made y/n wake-up and rush to take a shower she got to the airport and got there before 1 pm.

She got there at 12:59 am and then she waved goodbye to her mom and dad. Then they ran to catch her appa's plane.

Once she and the other passengers were seated the airlines said "please look up to the front or at your screen to see how to buckle your seatbelt.

y/n was at the back so she looked at the back of the person sitting in front of her.

"Welcome to American Airlines, !

1st step to buckling your seat, 1st step please put the right side into the left, everyone did it, 2nd step please pull the leftover seat belt to tighten it and then you are done.

" Then they explained the regular rules of the aeroplane and at the end,

they said " now have a good flight" Y/N knew it was going to be a long flight so she scrolled through the categories on the tv on the back of the seat. She found a k-drama called HWARANG.

She watched all of the episodes and then she saw her cousin Taehyung in it. She was like wow that is cool.

Then when she finished that kdrama she went to look for the kdrama that she was watching before she came to the airport: it was called 2 kings 1 Heart she was at the part where they had

gotten married when dinner was being served and it was a choice of chicken or Noodles(beef noodles with beef and broccoli) she chooses the Noodles Y/N said thank you

in Korean" gamsahabnida" then started eating when she was finished eating she put her trash in the trash can under the seat and then she finished watching the Kdrama she got to the end of

the 20th episode when it was time to get off of the plane.

She went to get her luggage and was looking for her name on the signs that were being held up then she saw seven familiar faces and she went towards that way and then they saw here RM: let

me help you with that y/n. He took her bag with her toothbrush and toothpaste and socks and undies.

Y/N did a 90 degrees angle bow Y/N: hello! Smile Ji-min: omg I'm going to die of too much cuteness and I thought I was the cute one!!

Y/N giggled a little giggle then her uncle and aunt had come and hugged her. They started to talk Korean but she didn't know what they were saying.

Y/N was looking confused and RM said: eomma appa y/n doesn't speak Korean. Uncle: Oh we are sorry we thought you spoke Korean, very sorry.

Aunt: very sorry, how have you been y/n I haven't seen you Since you were a baby! Y/N: I've been good, doing school work and things.

Then Uncle said: ok let us go now it's getting too crowded her then y/n picked up two bags (btw she only had like 3 bags) when they were about to get her phone went off

it played 00:00(Zero O'clock) Y/N turn off her phone but only the vocal line heard her ringtone for her friends Jin: was your ring tone us?

Y/N; umm maybe>3(evil face) V: omg I have found you, my fellow alien!! Jk: No more aliens, we already have one.

Uncle: let's go chop, chop! They got into the car and Jin asked a question: do you know how to sing? Y/N: yeah I do know how to sing.

Jimin: what do you sing? Y/N: what do you want me to sing? Jk: sing Crystal Snow by bts.

Y/N started to sing and she hit all of the right high notes and then she finished the song Everyone was looking at her in amazement even the rap line,

Y/N: I know I was bad at that I'm sorry you had to hear a dying cat. V: omg I have just quit my job That was so good y/n.

Y/N started blushing from all of the compliments she was getting RM: can you dance? Y/N: yes I can.

I'm taking dance lessons right now! Aunt: Oh that's cool could you show us Y/N: sure!

when they got home your aunt showed you where you were going to be sleeping Aunt: if you need anything, just yell, ok! Y/N: thank you!

when y/n was done putting up her stuff she started to stretch to start dancing she went outside. Everyone got up to see her dancing.

she put on Blue Hour and she started to dance when the song ended she saw Tomorrow X Together in the backyard walking through the gate and were staring at herY/N: HI!

Soobin: omg did I just see right she was dancing to our song can you show us again she did and she stopped dancing when the song ended Jin: Wow...

Uncle: Y/N someone is on the phone for you! Y/N: excuses me for a moment. Y/N: hello? SinB: hello y/n!! Y/N: hi SinB...

Jimin: wait is she talking to the real SinB, y/n please let me talk to her. Y/N: oh Jimin wants to talk to you SinB. what really? Y/N: Yes, here you go! Jimin shows everyone out of the room.

Y/N: does he always get like that? Jk: he only gets like that when we talk about SinB! Jimin then came out and he had ended the call, Y/N: so did SinB confess yet?

Jimin: no she said she missed you thought so did your other friends Blackpink and she said she will ask her mom if they can take a trip down there to see us! Y/N: thank you.

Then another group called Exo came in. Kai's Pov: We were walking towards BTS's House and we heard laughing and we went through the back gate and saw a girl D.O.

: Hello, Hi girl name I don't know! Y/N: oh hi I'm Y/N.

(Smiles) Exo: Hello Y/N! Lay: oh this must be your cushion that you were talking about, she's prettier than you described her! Jin: assh stop teasing my child!

Y/N ran to jin " help me eomma" then everyone started to laugh then your aunt came out: y/n I need to see you for a moment, please.

Y/N: Ok! When you had gotten inside you saw your aunt had a box and gave it to you y/n: what is this for? Aunt: it is just a welcoming gift from me and your uncle.

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