My little Omega
My little Omega yn stories

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Thank you all for follwing me and verafi me to everyone

My little Omega

Y/N's pov: so me and my friends were walking down the hallway talking to each other and stuff then our bullies Exo who's parents were Mafia leaders came around, Kai:oh look it's the toads.

Y/N:um can you stop calling us that please and thank you,Kai:oh the little toad wants us to stop don't you. Y/N:um yes please.

Kai got down to so he and y/n were at eye level, Kai:I'll never stop until I am satisfied with you and your little friends here suffering got it peasant so you'll have to live with it.

Y/N couldn't take it anymore. She pushed Kai and he had fallen and hit his head on the floor. Y/n and her friends ran like there was no tomorrow.

Lisa:Why did you do that y/n!?

Y/N had never heard LIsa yell at her before Y/N:Cause I'm tired of being bossed around and being called names and stuff,

Goes I can't wait till this year is over I'm asking my parents can we move somewhere else! Then she walked outside all the way to her home.

But one thing y/n didn't know was that her parents were dead in their bedroom that her mother and father shared together.

After school she went inside she had just come back from working at a coffee shop downtown then she saw blood lots of it all around the home, Y/N:mom, dad.....

MOM DAD THIS ISN'T FUNNY AT ALL COME ON!!! She ran into their room and saw here parents dead with their organs and other things everywhere Y/N broke down and called the police

Police:hello this is the police how may we help you?

Y/N:(hick hick hick) My parents are dead someone killed.........THEM!!(CRYING)

Police officer:Mame calm down ok where are you?

Y/N:I'm at home I just came home from work

Police officer:ok where is the house at mame

Y/N:It is on South Drake Lane it is the little green and yellow house I'll be standing outside of it.

Police officer:ok I'll send a ambulance

Y/N:Hung up and then went to go stand outside

2 Hours later

Y/N saw the red and blue lights down the street, then she saw people get out of the cars

Police officer:are you the lady who made the call?


Police officer:I would like to speak to you privately..


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