Systemic Issues Affecting Innocent Citizens
Systemic Issues Affecting Innocent Citizens immortality stories

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Systemic Issues Affecting Innocent Citizens

by Nakul Kurane

Student Greyson Peltier was enjoying life until...

Some investments went awry...

Peltier's family was placed into some investments

These investments were called "private placement investments" and they became the victims of investment fraud

SEC steps in

For one of the investments, Medical Capital, it ended up being a Ponzi scheme and the SEC luckily handled it

No SEC help here however

With REIT Clearwater, there was practically no help

Lawyer bails out prematurely

Peltier claims he won in arbitration against the broker-dealer of both with assistance from a lawyer but says, "I was doing a lot of the work and he ditched us before he collected the money"

Taking things into his own hands

Peltier had to peruse various documents and assemble a coherent document for his mom's trial, at the tender age of 19. He found that "law is its own language."

Money and Selfishness

“Lawyers always threw this word in front of us: Collectability. Basically, a term that asks, does this person have the money to go after the firm and will we be able to go after it easily?"

A "big fish" issue

Lawyers only wanted to go after the "big fish," not the small firms who they knew could pay up

Control in the wrong hands

There's surely a problem and “You can’t have a big brother type institution control everything because they’ll just institutionalize the problem and favor their own agenda"

People aren't being informed

Think Black Lives Matter. People care more about the presidential elections when the locals are who put the people into uniform. There needs to be a voice

More than just investing problems

Aside from investments, there are various issues in the legal, justice, and political system

A new platform?

Peltier wants to create a platform that allows for dialogue instead of the "nasty, depraved" political discourse today of just yelling at each other. He wants to help inform and educate people

Fears for the future

"I am definitely afraid that there is going to be an escalation of hostility especially if something doesn’t change in the mindset of society. This is not going to stop."

We NEED to come together

We need to form a movement...we need to do something before more innocent people are hurt/victimized

So many issues...where should you help?

Peltier advises, "Look around you. If you can be aware of what’s happening, then you’ll feel a calling to one or multiple areas and you need to act on that."

"If you’re paying attention to the world...

you will feel like you’re being called to a particular area and then its up to you to decide the best way to act upon it"

Let's all wake up, and

Make this world a better place

Find Greyson online

Website: Twitter: @GreysonNation

Find the author online

Twitter: @nakurane

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