Mindful Meditation Has Made Me Much Happier
Mindful Meditation Has Made Me Much Happier happiness stories

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Meditation -- You train your body so why not your mind?

Mindful Meditation Has Made Me Much Happier

by Nakul Kurane

What is meditation to me?

I ask specifically (to me) because meditation can be interpreted and utilized differently for people. To me, it's a way to let go of everything, to let my thoughts flow through, and to refresh

Why did I start meditating?

I had always seen articles and videos about why business-persons and entrepreneurs should meditate and had it on my to-do list. I finally started when a mini course popped up at my university

How I felt about the course

The 4 week course I took was a great experience, thanks to the instructor I had. We learned various types of mediation like dynamic, belly, mindful, and visual. It was a nice break from my day

How I meditate

I meditate every morning right after I wake up for around 10 minutes. I used to set a timer but now I listen to binaural beats on YouTube so I just stop after the video finishes.

Why I still meditate

I still meditate because letting go is important. In our stressful lives with so much going on, so much to think about, it's blissful to just let go and relax, to take a step back from the world

It may not be for you

If you're going to complain about how it's overhyped and useless, so be it. I'm not going to waste time convincing any narrow minded souls but this can really lighten your mood


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