How I Use Evernote as a Budding Renaissance Man
How I Use Evernote as a Budding Renaissance Man stories

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Elephants never forget but humans do. Write things down!

How I Use Evernote as a Budding Renaissance Man

by nakurane

First, who am I?

Quick bio: I'm a Computer Information Systems student at James Madison University. I'm in various organizations, I write for The Tab, and I'm an avid reader. (Also a Drake and Star Wars fan)

I do. I learn. I think.

I'm a student, entrepreneur, reader, and writer. I'm always learning and thinking and as various sources have suggested, I write things down!

What are my notebooks?

In the upcoming slides, I'll share what Evernote notebooks I have created and what I put in them

James Madison University

In this notebook, I have tags that reference each class I'm in for quick notes, and each organization I'm a member or leader in for management tips


In this one, I jot down ideas for a product/service and/or business that I think of every day


I take some ideas from the "Ideas" notebook and develop them and also write down advice from credible entrepreneurs


I might end up combining this one with "Entrepreneurship" but it basically includes scanned business cards, information about those people, and networking and resume tips

Personal Development

Might have to consolidate this notebook too but practically includes notes on psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, public speaking, and writing

Computer Science

CODING is a major key so in this notebook, I jot down coding tips for myself to remember, attach cheat sheets, and save links and resources for further learning

Pencil Stories

Self explanatory! Where I write down ideas I have for future posts on this B-E-A-Utiful site!

How do you all use Evernote?

Those are some of the notebooks I use to be the best version of myself. Feel free to add a comment and connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter @nakurane

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