A Chat With Science Entrepreneur Vip Sitaraman
A Chat With Science Entrepreneur Vip Sitaraman stories
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A young man trying to make a difference in the world of science

A Chat With Science Entrepreneur Vip Sitaraman

by nakurane

Who is he?

Vip is a senior at University of Arizona. He'll be graduating this May of 2016 and is the founder of three startups including Korkboard, Draw Science, and Aleatoire

What is Draw Science and why did he start it?

Draw Science is a site that seeks to simplify complex scientific topics with infographics. When he assessed scientific papers, he realized how complex and hard to comprehend they could be

Non-profit Live, Love, Lab

Vip also started a not-for-profit project, Live, Love, Lab., which gives students free access to resources that are usually accessible to only certain people with lab access

How did Vip get into scholarly science so early though?

Vip was involved in science fairs at an early age and had to teach himself a lot of things. Instead of going with tradition and presenting with loads of text, he used diagrams to convey science

This basically turned into Draw Science

That ideology eventually became Draw Science, where he continues to simplify complex scientific topics into graphical form

How does he split his time between startups?

Vip wants to focus on Draw Science so he relieved his equity in Korkboard. He isn't too involved with Live, Love, Lab and Aleatoire is case by case. About 80% of his time is with Draw Science

Will Vip be combining his skills into one startup?

While Vip clearly has a diverse skill set and that would be ideal, currently they aren't highly compatible so not in the near future. He would however love to start a biotech or design company

With college and many startups, how does he manage stress?

Entrepreneurs have to have hobbies that aren't their work and for Vip, that includes activites like playing pool basketball, throwing around a football, running, and boxing. He stays active!

Future of STEM education?

As Vip gets closer to graduating, he does see the value of a college education dropping. Education is also leaving the classroom as there are a lot of opportunities elsewhere, like his startups!

Want to learn more about Vip?

Check out his site! http://www.viputheshwar.com/

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