A letter to 22 , at 23 .
A letter to 22 , at 23 .  self care stories

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Sometimes when birthdays approach reflection is scary.

A letter to 22 , at 23 .

To my 23rd year old self ,

22 was hard , like seriously . You were a post graduate student so you had a little more time on your hands . You didn't always use that time wisely . That's okay i forgive us for that .

You moved out and spent over 20k furnishing your apartment not to mention the car that was bought . This year you saw new countries because you wanted to see the world.

Bahamas , DR , Haiti and now Mexico . I'm happy you did what you set to do , but at what cost ? For this year i want you to internally take care of yourself .

Make sure your mental health is amazing . Make sure you look in the mirror and feel pretty from the inside . You didn't wanna be here anymore , and you didn't know who to tell .

I'm happy you're still here , i know you want to hear that from someone but STOP looking for validation from anyone. The only person who matters is you now .

Cause when you were taking care of everyone no one was taking care of you . So all that has to end , i hope you're ready Najee because you gotta do better . We're not going hard enough .

We CAN do better , i know it .

So for this year let's work on this

Exercising more (currently 1-2 a week let's make it 3-5)

Eating healthy

Better sleep schedule

Less spending

More focus on my goals

Right now you don't know what you want to do

Is it gonna be law school ?


Masters ?

We need to figure that out

Your weight .... we need to be more healthy and the weight will drop . You can't be stressing yourself. It takes a negative effect on your body baby .

This is the most I've written in months . And I'm writing to YOU.

Most of the time I'm writing to people who will never read my shit . But that's going to change this year

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