Chapter-1: COMMITTED, SERIOUSLY? commitments stories

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This is my story. "Mumma, please I'm solving one of the JEE papers, I will have my dinner once I am done with this." Yeah you guessed it right, i was a "NERD" .


This is my story.

"Mumma, please I'm solving one of the JEE papers, I will have my dinner once I am done with this." Yeah you guessed it right, i was a "NERD" .

Perhaps this was required as I was preparing for the giant of all exams "IITJEE".

I come from a very middle class family, but that was not an issue, instead I always had an inner call of achieving, achieving and just keep on achieving.

I had made it certain to my own self that i will never have time for anyone else except my family, and some of my very close friends.

So basically i was never in for relationships, but then often what you get is what you never expect.

Fast forward a few months and I was at IIT Kharagpur, finally!! My parents were really proud and even I was a kind of satisfied.

I had made it a point to myself that I will work hard at kgp but then wait, how can a person who has studied all her life ensuring excellent grades at school, and prepared so hard for JEE,

someone who had studied for 12 long years, study for 5 years more . It's not fair, right.

So, I just decided to take a break, as in I decided to explore just anything and everything during my first year, and then again get back to work from second year onwards.

Great!, having decided this I embarked upon a path full of new experiences .

At that time I never knew where exactly I was heading on, perhaps the future had a lot in store for me, really a lot, something which I had least expected.

I started making new friends, joined many societies and was thoroughly enjoying my life. I was a child from within.

I believed in those fanciful tales of love and romance, but I earlier I had no time for all this. And yet again, you guessed it correct, "now the time had come".

Though I always wanted to stay away from all this, yet sometimes things just happen.

One day, I just got a friend request on Facebook, by one of my friends, named Rahul Saini. He is currently a student at IIT Kanpur.

Now you might be thinking that he is the protagonist , the hero of my story, but wait my story is yet to be completed.

We used to have rather small chats , but then one day he just told me that he really likes conversing with me. Trust me, I did not even have have the tiniest bit of feelings for him.

I ignored his comments, and laughed them out. But then the next day he actually proposed me. I did not know how to react.

But then I thought that maybe this was the best way of exploring the world of love, romance and the so-called "RELATIONSHIPS".

He did receive a yes from my side, but somewhere deep within I was never sure whether I actually like him or am I just wasting his time. Nevertheless, now I was "COMMITTED" . Peace.

He used to text me all the time, and this was getting more and more irritating. Every girl likes attention, I know. But then, you see, I don't like what every girl likes, I like what I like.

I am a girl who likes talking to people, but at the same time , I was here to learn things, to explore, to meet people, to make friends,

and not the one who would be busy on her phone all the time. My ideals, the way I used to see relationships before, began to change. I would admit that the fault was mine, definitely.

Because i should not have started all this because as such I had no feelings for that guy, and in this way I was just wasting his time.

The story isn't complete yet. Let's see what chapter 2 holds for you.

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