Easier said than done.
Easier said than done. stories

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(By Naimisha) Its easier to write ,

Easier said than done.

(By Naimisha)

Its easier to write ,

than it is to speak.

It is easier to blame,

than it is to confess.

It is easier to cut,

than it is to face.

It is easier to die,

than it is to go through hell and be alive.

It is easier to do things our own way,

than it is to follow others' ways.

It is easier to speak,

than it is to actually listen.

It is easier to ridicule,

than it is to be ridiculed.

It is easier to bully ,

than it is to go through the same.

It is easier to accept someone we do not love,

than it is to wait for someone for eternity.

It is easier to exist,

than it is to live.

It is easier to cry when you're alone,

than it is to smile in front of many.

It is easier to order around,

than it is to actually do.

When we can take the difficult way,

and learn things,

why would you choose the easier way-

and do nothing at all?

Thank You! :)

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