Oath by The Blood of My Hand
Oath by The Blood of My Hand thriller stories

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[Set in 1984] Elton was just trying to have a normal summer break when he decides to go to a hiking trail. He discovers something about himself there. Elton is your average 14-year-old boy, right? Well... what if he isn't?

Oath by The Blood of My Hand

Prologue: Will You Hold The Line?

Everything I can remember was normal. In fact, I even thought I was normal. Until something disturbing happened. That is, I touched something, or rather, someone.

My memories were brought back from when I was really young. Like three or so. It was the oddest, scariest, and life-changing thing I've ever experienced.

The memory, you ask? Well, let me put it to you this way... it was cryptic. Full of encrypted messages, riddles, and what-not. Everything is not as it seems.

It was also full of symbols that were Greek to me. They almost seemed alien, out-of-this-world.

Everything is not as it seems. The memory, it was bending, twisting, turning. Folding in on itself. In fact, it went by so fast all I could remember was a face.

The face, you ask? Well, it wasn't mine, but of a person, I touched. Well, I take back what I said in the beginning. I touched something not someone.

Psychometry is the supposed ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.

So, back to what I was saying. The face, it was of a man, whom I've long forgotten, till now. His name, stamped in my memory forever. James Keller.

Now, what he did to me, I'll explain later, but, what he said, I'll never forget. "Trust no one." That is all he said, from what I can remember.

The meaning of those words, you ask? I'd have to do some serious thinking, but I believe it means exactly what it says. "Trust no one.

" The reason being is because people will lie, cheat, and stab you in the back. Yet, can we just only trust ourselves...

Chapter 1: Every One of Them has Giving Up and Giving In

Summer, 1984. My summer should've been normal, but until July 4th, it turned into something else.

I was just going out for my afternoon bike ride through Crane Creek when on my way back home I took a shortcut. It took me to the abandoned industrial side of town.

I passed by a building that didn't look like any of the others. It looked more... asylum-ish. I grabbed my flashlight and parked my bike outside the building.

Now, I think, more than ever, if I wouldn't have gone in, would I have been the monster I'd soon become?

My flashlight is flickering a little as I walk around the building. It has a lot of hospital things in it. I see a help desk and I decide to walk behind it and look through the papers.

I finally get the name of the hospital, Petaluma Testing Facility.

"Testing facility? For what?" I try to find more clues as to who or what they would do tests on, but so far nothing is giving away any clues. Then, I see an old surveillance room.

I walk into the room, the door wide open. My heart rate picking up. I feel my nerves slowly build. The room is barely lit up by all the TV lights. Illuminated like a bad dream, a nightmare.

My heart is racing like a racehorse. Then, one screen attracts my attention. It shows a room that, almost looks like a child daycare center. I look for a number for the room. There isn't one.

The only thing to indicate the room is a faded painting of a rainbow on the doorpost. I try to remember that and make my way to the room, down the dreary hallways.

Creeks, buzzing, ringing are all sounds that are surrounding me. I look around and see a faded rainbow painted on a doorpost. "Finally, found it." I see the door, taunting me.

Teasing me to open it, but my fear telling me no. I slowly reach for the doorknob. I touch it and all of a sudden my head is flashed with memories that were tucked away in my hippocampus.

I quickly let go of the doorknob and stumble backward. I drop my flashlight and start to shake. There is something wrong. I remember that man. I remember how he treated me. James Keller...

why are you coming back to haunt me? I hurry and run out, but not before I grab my flashlight. I run out and hop on my bicycle. I shove my flashlight in my backpack and ride home.

I pedal faster until I see my house. I come to a screeching halt and make a sharp turn into the driveway. I jump off my bike and let it hit the ground loudly.

I run inside "Mom! MOM!" She comes in looking panicked "Yes? What's wrong Elton?" I take deep breaths "Mom, I saw a building, but I touched a doorknob and it showed me a man named James Keller.

It showed him beating me. What does all this mean?" I start crying and she hugs me.

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