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Erotic story - mature audiences only.
"After returning to her mother's house for summer she spends most of her time by the pool, being watched by her neighbour. She plays into it until one day when he comes over"

By the pool

"It must be about 38 degree" I thought as I stepped into the pool, the cold water felt nice on my skin. The deeper I went the better I felt.

My nipples started to harder in my bikini top as the water gently teased them. "Gah this hot weather makes me so horny" I moaned bobbing about in the water.

I'd gone back to my mum's house after graduating college, luckily she had the private pool and the weather here was always good.

After a few minutes I got out again and went to lie on the sun lounger. The cold fabric between my legs started warming up in the sun, "uhh it's definitely the hot weather" I sighed "I wonder...


I looked at the neighbour's house from behind my sunglasses,

you see although our pool area is quite protected by tall trees there is one space where the neighbour's window can look onto the corner of our deck.

I hadn't noticed until a few weeks ago when I moved the lounger to keep it in the sun , I could see a figure watching me from their window.

Sure enough, he was there again. I pretended I didn't see him as I slowly started to pull the string on my bikini top. Am I an exhibitionist? No no, do I care about getting tan lines? Of course.

The top hung loosely over my large breasts, I watched the man even though I couldn't see what he was doing I liked to imagine. I ran my hands over my chest, squeezing them a little...still hard.

I dropped my top to the floor and picked up the sun cream. The hot sun had already dried my skin. I applied it. Massaging myself gently until I had rubbed it all in

I closed my eyes and smiled. No tan lines for me.


A few hours later I tied my top back on and went inside for a drink. I grabbed a water from the fridge and started replying to my friends messages.

I heard the doorbell ring, "ma?" I thought looking at the time, no it's only 2pm she's still working.

I got up and went to the door, I peeked out.

"oh my..

" I thought, watching this dark haired man look around as he waited "he's handsome" I turned to the mirror to check myself out, the doorbell rang again as I adjusted my bikini bottoms,

pulling them a big higher to show my ass.

I opened the door and stood in the doorway

"Can I help you?" I asked smiling sweetly

"Uh, hi" He was nervous, his eyes darted all over me as he didn't know where to look. I waited, still smiling. He must be in his late 30s - I thought "Uhm..

yeah" he laughed awkwardly "I'm from next door. Is your mom in?"

Oh the silhouette from next door, and he's hot. My thoughts went from innocent flirtation to I need this guy in me.

"She isn't" I replied folding my arms, pushing my boobs together a little "is there anything I can do ?"

"Uh, my wife sent me over to borrow some sugar" he raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. He had big arms...strong arms.

You have a wife, eh? Yet you've been watching my for weeks now I thought

"We have sugar" I replied walking towards the kitchen "come on in" I beckoned

I noticed he hovered slightly before making his decision, he closed the front door behind him as I smiled to myself.

"What's your name stranger?" I asked opening the top cupboard

"Ricky" he replied standing awkwardly at the other side of the kitchen. His nervousness turned me on so much.

"Nice to meet you Ricky, I'm Lauren" I smiled leaning against the counter "Do you often ask my ma for sugar?"

"My wife usually does....they share ingredients" he laughed "But she's busy so I had to come...over"

"How lucky for me" I turned back to the open cupboard "The problem is, my ma keeps the sugar right at the back here" I stood on my tiptoes and reached for it shamelessly showing off my ass

"Oh let me help you!" he rushed over and reached over from behind me. I smirked, subtly pressing myself against his trousers

"Thank you, it's just at the back" oh, I could feel him beneath the fabric, the more he reached the harder he pressed into me...I wonder if he realised.

"Got it" he said pulling down the jar of sugar, I turned to look up at him

"Thank you. Y'know...

" I moved over to the granite island, pulling on his t-shirt "Usually I have to climb on the surface" I smiled, pushing myself up onto the island, the cold granite felt nice against my skin.

I opened my legs and pulled him gently towards me

He laughed nervously, he brown eyes couldn't help but look at my voluptuous breasts, held up by just a thin bikini top

"Do you want to see?" I whispered putting his hands on my thighs "again"

He looked at me embarrassed but he wasn't resisting me, I felt so hot

"I-" he started

"I don't mind" I pulled the string behind me until my breasts were free, I dropped the top onto the floor and jiggled them a little.

He just stared at them, my nipples hardened under his gaze

"Do you want to touch?" I asked stroking his hands "You can"

He gulped. I'm sure he had a lot running though his mind, but I only had one thing.

I guided his hands up my body until his hands cupped my full breasts, I moaned in encouragement as he started to play.

I could see his mouth agape, I knew what he wanted.

I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his head towards me, he hesitated before gently licking my erect nipple, he barely touched it but I couldn't help but gasp.

He took this as a green light as he suddenly became wild. He wrapped an arm around me locking me in and grunting as he started sucking and flicking my nipples with his tongue.

Oh god, the suction he created with his mouth...I closed my eyes and let him do what he wanted, oh god it felt incredible

"You're so good at that" I said breathlessly, feeling myself get wetter as he sucked and pinched and licked.

His free hand began to stroke my inner thigh, I whimpered as he lightly grazed my clit with his fingers. I felt myself losing control, but... I didn't seem to mind.

He noticed my sounds and stopped worshipping my tits

"You want me to play with you here?" He whispered in my ear as he tease around my clit

I nodded, wishing he would rip my bikini bottoms off.

"You're already so wet" he stepped back and removed his shirt, I watched him as he started to unbuckle his belt "get this nice and wet too"

With that command I jumped off the counter and got onto my knees.

I slowly pulled his jeans down revealing the outline of his swollen member. I wanted to release it...but not yet.

I found myself stroking and kissing it with nothing but the material of the underwear separating us. I looked up at him, he was watching me.

"you're so obedient"

My hands grabbed his thighs as I licked his stomach and slowly I started pulling down his underwear, I took the head in my mouth instinctively.

My hands remained on his thighs as I worked my way up and down his shaft

I flicked my eyes back up at him and this time he had his head back, eyes closed

Ohh it was a monster, I could barely fit it all in my mouth. But I did as I was told "nice and wet"

Suddenly he stopped me and pulled me to my feet. He dragged me to the adjoining living room and practically threw me on the sofa.

I opened my legs beckoning him in. I was so ready.

He yanked my bikini bottoms off and threw them behind him. He roughly pushed my legs apart and licked me between my thighs. I gasped, I wasn't expecting that.

He crawled up my body kissing every inch of my skin, while his hand played with my clit

"what do you want?" he asked , whispering in my ear

"Put" I moaned, he smirked expecting nothing less

He moved back, guiding himself in.

"It's....too big" I breathed as he gradually slid it in, I felt myself gripping him as he started to move. Slow at first, going deeper with every thrust. Until he was pounding into me.

I threw my hands above my head and cried out in pleasure. My boobs move to the rhythm of his thrusts, I started to pinch my nipples, god it felt so good

"Oh god" I exclaimed as he grabbed onto my hips, there was no way I was getting away "Ahh GOD" I said louder, feeling myself inch towards climax

His grunts were so sexy, with one hand holding onto me the other was massaging my clit

"NO Wai-!" It was too late, my body tensed up until finally the waves of pleasure crashed over me. I felt myself contract around him.

That must have been it for him because straight away he pulled out and quickly moved to my tits. I sat up and presented them, awaiting his warm load.

"ohh, yes" I giggled playing with his seed is it dripped down my chest, gently rubbing it into my nipples as if it were lotion.

"let me clean you off" I whispered before taking him in my mouth again.

"I should come round for sugar more often" he joked stroking my hair as I smiled.

God, he definitely should.

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