If I meant something...
If I meant something... sad stories

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If I meant something...

If I meant something...

If you never notice that I'm gone what was the point of ever being there?

If you never noticed my texts fading away what was the point of sending them?

If you never notice the blank snaps and disappeared read receipts why did I ever click send?

If I meant something, wouldn't you have answered?

If we were friends like you so said we were, wouldn't you have proven it?

If you knew all my secrets but I knew none of yours, was it really ever there?

If I knew your favorite color, and you knew my deepest fear, would you call it even?

If your name escaped my lips every single day, but you barely ever said mine, was it ever spoken?

If I meant something, wouldn't you have said?

If I called you a thousand different names, but you never even called me, were we truly friends?

If I never saw you, in the day or night, out of your own lack of action, did I ever know you?

If you were the only one I turned to in my darkest times, but you never even turned to me, did I have a purpose?

If it's been a week, and you haven't even noticed, was I ever noticeable?

If it's been another week of silence, was I ever valued?

If it's been too long to count, and days become irrelevant, but still you haven't spoken, was my leaving all you wanted?

If I meant something, you should have said something.

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