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nadia Girl with thoughts on paper
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have you ever wondered what would it be like...


have you ever wondered

what would it be like

if the world is filled with our creativity

where our imaginations runs free

where we could write our own story to live in

the sky would be colorful

the trees would grow for a second

the people would live in peace

the rain comes when you're sad

the sun comes when you're happy

the thunder strikes when you're mad

no children starve, for they can imagine their own meal in front of them

there will be no poor, for the people will imagine richness like the unknown

if only the world works that way

so that our lives would be better

but sadly that is also wrong

freedom can cost so much

people could use their imagination to do bad things

like explosions

people could try to hurt others

by only imagination as their limit

so imagination isn't that great

especially for people who wouldn't want world peace

so what's the point?

Live your life to the fullest

even though the world isn't as good as you wanted it to be

there are still hundreds of possibilities that this kind of world we're living in is the best of all options

so don't complain much

don't try to bring the world down with your crimes

but spread love

have your peace

and care for the people that lives in it

like you

and me

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