I miss you
I miss you
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nadia Girl with thoughts on paper
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I miss her, so much that it hurts.

I miss you

Even if we are far away from each other you will always be in my heart

I miss you a lot I miss all things of you

Your eyes those baby blue eyes never fail to amaze me. I could get lost in them all day and no one would ever noticed.

Your hair As soft as silk, running through them as I open the numerous curtain of hair that hid your beautiful face.

Your body petite and a perfect match to mine, you fit like a puzzle. The missing piece of me.

Your hands delicate and soft. It moves around me in warmth and love, reminding me that you'll always be there to hold me.

Your voice the most beautiful angelic voice I've ever heard. Soft and calming, soothing me from my rage and the source of the laugh I love.

your heart the kindest and heartwarming. the one who tamed the beast inside me. The one with power of purity and bravery. you stood up to others without questioning, you are what they call, 'angel fall from heaven'.

your soul like a hurricane inside me, always making me nervous to see you. Your soul is one with mine, and is kept safely inside me. Like our love that grows.

your face the innocent face you made when you're confused, those adorable freckles that adds the finishing touch of a perfect match, the cute smile that brings me down on my knees. The way I planted a kiss, as soft as cotton.

You are everything I need to live, to breath, to survive. Loving you is like loving a goddess. A blessing from the heavens, a pure heart with no darkness attached. Came to the cruel world to spread kindness, and it flew past everyone except me. The kindness of you never fade away, it will and always be inside me.

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