The Train
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The beauty of the railways

The Train

You went inside a train as you huffed and puffed the warm steam made your glasses foggy. You had to balance yourself by holding one of the poles pushing forward.

It was moving from side to side making you move in the same direction as well; with every move, the roughness on the wheel and the rail made a "Clickety-clack"' sound as

the train wheels roll over them. You found a seat next to an open window. The sun was shining brightly making you squint your eyes. Sitting down you removed your glasses cleaning them.

The train that looked foggy at first was now clear. You looked outside the window it seemed like the sun was setting already, the beautiful landscape and trees formed marvelous scenery.

You noticed a few cherry blossoms the flower petals on the ground creating a circle ,It's spring. Everything was passing by...your mind taking a picture at each stop.

You opened the window the warm breeze hitting your face. Closing your eyes, you let out a deep breath.

The train... looking old from the outside had a beautiful charm inside, a nostalgic feeling that kept you warm as you passed by.

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