The story of Esius
The story of Esius god stories

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The Fall of Esius

The story of Esius

I feel the spear pushing through my armor and inside my flesh. I lost I couldn't win all of them at once. There is too many of them and they are too powerful together. "Why Krovern.

Why have you done this!"

"You are foolish Esius. You do not deserve a spot in the council. We need to give it to someone who knows what they are doing. Not someone scared of their power."

I can feel the spear in my heart squeezing the life out of me. It's draining everything. I am going to die, there is nothing I can do about it. I feel myself dying, I feel a sudden pull.

It hurts. It feels so powerful. Is this what dying feels like? Everything being forcibly ripped out of you.

"It is not your time Esius. I am going to send you somewhere else. Some place where Krovern can not get his hands on you. You will lose most of your power.

I cannot save everything in this chaos. I will keep your core alive, but I will not give you anything else. This is all I will give to you. You need to get everything else yourself.

Find your own way home after you are ready to face Krovern a second time."

I fall on the floor. I cough blood on the floor. There is no light at all. I can hear footsteps outside. I don't know where I am or when I am. What happened I thought I was going to die.

How am I alive? Everything hurts. I feel like I am dead. Suddenly I hear the door open.

"See you Maria. I will be right back!"

"Just don't fall and hit your head again so I don't need to come and rescue you!"

"You are never going to let that go will you?"

"Nope. I'm going to bug you about it for the rest of our adventures."

"Yeah tell me about it. Adventuring down in a RV finding long lost secrets. Actually now that I say it, I guess it is an adventure."

"Told you. Now get on going to paying our bills."

"Already on the move." I close the door for the RV and look ahead. Should be about a fifteen minute walk to there. I just hope this will be a jackpot. I start walking toward the tomb.

Being a tomb raider or whatever we are called at this point is surely an interesting life. But I still would like to settle down somewhere.

All the driving and research feels like it's driving me slowly insane. At least Maria does most of the research and so I get to rest between driving. Well here it goes.

"Wait did I just hear someone coughing in there?" no there is no way in hell we are not the first ones here.

I grab the door and start opening it after a while I manage to open it and it crashes on my side "fuck that thing was heavy. Also, I hope it wasn't important because it is for sure, busted.

" I take my flashlight out of my pocket and point it in the room. Doesn't look like there is anything interesting in here. That rod looks like it's important.

I pick up the rod and look around the room. Then I see the guy right there looking at me. "Wha... who are you?"

"Um who are you?"

"No, who are you? We are in the tomb I just uncovered, how are you here?"

"Umm I was double crossed by my partner. Yeah. He hit me in the back of my head and took off with the gold and gems that were on the table." Pls let her believe this, I'm not ready to fight yet.

"Umm okay he took your clothes too? I know we're in the desert, but more than a t-shirt and pajama pants would be nice."

"Yeah i... had the keys in there. He probably thought that just taking them would be faster."

"So, how long ago was this?"

Shit of course she needs to ask that. What the fuck do I say? It's such a simple question. Fuck, how do I wiggle out of this. "Umm, I'm not sure. Feels like I've been here for a while.

What's the date? Another one I just fucking hope she will take.

"Umm okay, it's March 13.2018. Do you umm. Need any help?"

Shit, I don't think I can refuse at this point. "Yeah that would be greatly appreciated. I'm kind of fucked at the moment as you can see."

This might not be the best idea, but I think it's worth the shot. "Okay well I think I got everything I wanted. Lets umm get going? It's about a fifteen minute walk from here to the RV.

And by the way, what's your name?"

Shit more of these. What the hell. A name on the spot, fuck. "Umm, it's Antaeus."

Okay, no fucking way that's a real name, but no help asking now. He is clearly lying to me. I need more time with this. "Okay, well. Let's go Antaeus. I'm Jade by the way."

"Okay, well, nice to meet you. "Shit I'm in such a vulnerable spot right now. I just have to keep hoping that this is going to end well. "Well, let's get going."

"Yeah, this way." Okay, Maria is going to be mad. Very mad. Well let's see, maybe she will go through with my crazy ass plan anyway.

I don't know who this guy is but he is not an archeologist for sure.

"By the way. Why were you in there?"

"Umm. Maria and I are archeologists. We got a lead that there's a tomb here and we came to check." Not necessarily the truth but not a lie either.

"Okay, cool. She is waiting by the RV, I assume?"

"Yeah we do it like this usually. I go and look through the place while she finds the new place. Then I mostly drive while she is doing more research. Busy life to be honest."

"Sounds like you two don't have any free time. And sounds really boring also."

"Sometimes it does get a little boring yeah. But we do take breaks to just chill together and this is what we both want to do."

"Okay cool. How do you guys get money?"

"Umm, well how do you guys get money? Probably the same way. Sell the things you find to people who want them, right?"

"Yeah, that's how we paid for our stuff."

"Do you want a ride to a nearby town or what?"

"Umm probably. I'll think about it after I eat and rest. If I can get that much out of you two?"

"Yeah, sure. We always have some extra food and we have a couch you can sleep on."

"Okay amazing." Okay, the plan is to eat and then rest. Tomorrow I will start to think how to get out of this mess.

"Let me just tell Maria we have a visitor. So just wait here I'll be right back." I really need to warn her first.

"Okay sure. I'll wait here then." Shit, hope this won't turn up badly.

I go inside the truck and instantly sprint to Maria after I close the door

"Well hello mister explorer got anything good? Okay, you look like you've seen a ghost. A jackpot I hope?"

"Maybe. Look, I went in there and I found this GUY in there."


"Shh, not so loud. He's still outside."

"Shit, sorry. Okay. So, what the fuck Jade?"

"Look, don't look at me. I found the guy. He gave me some obvious bullshit story that he's an archeologist. Also, we're going with that too. To him we're an archeologist pair so roll with it."

"Okay. I can do that."

"So he told me he was crossed by his partner. No fucking way it's true though. The door was still shut and has been for a long time."

"You sure?"

"Yes, and don't interrupt me now."

"Sorry Jade"

"It's okay. But focus. He said he was betrayed, right. Then I asked when he thought he was betrayed, right. Then he suddenly went really white and completely dodged the question.

I'm completely sure he dodged the question deliberately. And he doesn't have almost any clothes. Only like a rag for pants and some kind of flimsy t-shirt. That should be enough info.

I told him we would help him and he asked for food and a place to rest. So, you onboard with this?"

"Okay Jade. That's a lot. But if you think he's okay then whatever you see fit. I don't think this is smart. But I'm really curious about what's going on. So fuck it, fine.

"Ok thank you. And I'm not sure either. Let me get him in. Oh yeah and his name is Antaeus apparently."

"Like I needed one more thing to make this weirder, Jade."

"Hey don't look at me. He told me that."

"Okay fine."

I went to open the door and he was still there. Thank god, I thought I was crazy for a moment and that he would have just disappeared. "Okay Antaeus come in."

"Thank you so much for this. Maria was your name, right?"

"Yes my name is Maria and you were... Antaeus, right?

"Yeah, Antaeus." Well I could have picked a better name but too late now I guess. "So, can I get something to eat? I guess Jade already told you about me when you two were talking."

"Yeah, she gave me the rundown of your problem. There are some leftovers in the fridge and you can sleep on the couch in the back to clear your head."

"Okay, thank you. Well I'm going to go eat and sleep and let's chat after it okay?"

"Sure, good luck with that."

"Yeah. Have a good night Antaeus."

"Hope I will Jade. Well I'll be back."

And then he stepped in the back. "Shit Maria, was this a good idea?"

"I really don't know Jade. Feels like he is more confused than us though."

"Yeah, he seems really confused. Well, let's start researching once again I guess?"

"Yeah, let's see if there's any info about this on the web."

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