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A short creepypasta ish story

The mistake

Entry #1

I am so excited to be in here.. First day is going to be a little weird, but I can get through it. I'm happy I sneaked in my diary. I love writing on it.

So I have an introduction to everyone today and a guide to show me around the facility. Let's hope everything will go well, And my roommate will be a cool.

Entry #2

Yesterday was cool. I met all the other scientist in here, and my roommate. He was kind of weirded out that I had a diary.

I talked to him about it, and he said he was cool with it as long as I will take the blame if we get caught, which I agreed on.

We have a lot of guards in here which is to be expected, but they let our living quarters be more private than I would have expected.

I believe that our current project is creating some kind of new biological weapon.

I will join the research with the rest of the team tomorrow, but today I need to rest and get accustomed to the area.

So, time to go find the cafeteria and ask my roommate Adrian what is usually for lunch and if there is any coffee shops or anything like that around here. Okay no coffee shops for me.

But it was also a dumb question. We are in a bunker after all. But my roommates could stop laughing now.

Entry #3

I started work today. I don't think I was ready for what I saw. I saw a broken window and blood in the testing chamber. It was really weird that everyone just went on.

I asked around and I finally got an answer out of my Adrian. He told me that something went wrong with a subject, but it is fixed now. And we can use the second chamber.

I have no idea why he was being so vague. Well I Really need to stop asking and need to get back to work. I think the guards were looking at me already When I started to work.

I hope this is just a rare occurance.

Entry #4

Okay I don't know what the fuck went wrong. It feels like they are not ready for the things we are doing.

That is not possible right? They would for sure make it so our subjects cant actually overpower us?

I went to work today and we used a serum in one of the subjects and he became something I can only call a monster.

The thing almost went through the Fucking window again I think I almost had an heart attack when he slammed on the window.

When the thing threw himself against the window it almost fractured there were cracks all over it. The soldiers immediately Started shooting it and killed it.

Only thing management said was that it was too weak. What do they mean! It almost fucking killed all of us.

It took all 4 of the soldiers to fire at it with assault rifles to get it to slow down. And it took a fucking grenade without anything.

It finally died when we got enough acid to actually melt our way into his organs. I want out. I don't want to do this anymore.

I feel like my life is always in danger when we are doing this after this shit happened. But I know only way out is to die. There is no way to resign from this kind of job.

I hope ill be lucky and they realize this is not safe for any of us and they scale it back. I need to get back to work before i get in trouble.

The last thing I need is them coming to get me and search my room, and have to go through interrogation.

Entry #5

I was wrong the first serum wasn't the worst. Not by a fucking long shot. I only fear what the third serum has in it. The second serum made this child have mental manipulation.

And what the fuck. A fucking child? Why did we have a child in here? How did we get the child? Fuck it no time to think about it now. One of my partner just walked in and opened the chamber.

All the soldiers were yelling at him to get into the ground and stop. He didn't get far before the soldiers shot him in the head. He had been almost fast enough to open the chamber.

Suddenly his fucking body stood up and he opened the door.

He was fucking dead! He had a hole in his head! How in the fuck was he able to even move? Then suddenly One of the soldiers ran in and gave the thing his gun.

My partner also jumped on the soldiers. Other soldiers started to shoot my partner and the other soldier after the thing used the first one's gun to shoot the first one dead.

One of the soldiers realized it can only get them down by killing the main creature and ran in to the chamber with a couple others and shot it.

They yelled at us to get the acid and pour it down the bullet hole in its brain. It had already killed 7 of the soldiers and almost overpowered us.

Once we got the acid in there the others that it was controlling fell into the floor. The only thing management said was that they are sending reinforcements and replacement.

And to continue with the third serum after they come and start producing the other ones as well as researching new ones.

Entry #5

Fuck the third one was exactly as bad as I thought. After the patient was injected with it. He looked like he died. His pulse stopped completely and his internal organs went cold.

His body started to just shake and after a minute everything stopped. a soldier was ordered to go check on him. he went in carefully and slowly.

Suddenly the thing jumped pushing its hand straight through his stomach And bit him on the neck. How is that possible they have full body armors on.

What kind of things can pierce body armor with just their fucking hands? It makes no sense the amount of power it needed would have shattered his hand completely.

But the soldier surprisingly survived and was sent to the medical ward under high surveillance. Thankfully that was our last serum to test now we need to improve them and make new ones.

Improve them how? make them more deadly? Who or how can these things even be controlled? I need to go again. Have been writing for too long.

I'm so happy at least my roommate Adrian has survived for now.

Entry #6

Fuck, fuck, fuck. The things, they got away. Fuck, the thing that send the soldier to the medical ward had some properties we weren't aware of. it wasn't trying to kill the soldier.

it was trying to escape. and it knew it could only escape through someone else. So it molded with him. That's why he didn't fucking die.

After it got to the medical ward the soldier easily got out of the medical ward and went straight into the serum room.

it just fucking started taking all of the strenght serums and injecting them on itself. There was no way it should have lived through it.

It should have overdosed way before it even got to the third needle. But it didn't and now everyone is dead. We couldn't fucking stop it. Everyone expect me. I don't know why I survived.

I was with my roommate in our room when we heard the screams. He told me to stay put and he was going to go check it out.

When I went to the chamber after him I saw the thing throwing the soldiers around. None of the bullets were able to pierce its skin. The acid wasn't doing fucking anything.

One of the soldiers was running for the emergency door that splits the chamber. He got it closed and we thought we were safe. The thing just ripped it open.

That is not possible the door is a thick steel door. the monster just ripped the door straight from the hinges. it ripped off ten tons of steel.

The thing bended from where the creature grabbed it. I ran to the emergency button and pressed it. It closed another even stronger door. I took the radiophone and ran to my room.

I could hear Adrian yell that he is going to distract it after it comes through.

I called the emergency number and they told me I need to get into my living quarter after that they instructed me how to open the emergency panel and code for it. I said it won't kill it.

And that Adrian might still be alive in there. They said nothing will be able to live through the protocol and that it is more important to destroy the thing than try to rescue Adrian.

I started to think about fighting with it but they did have a point the thing is unstoppable. I still don't think it will die but i pushed the button.

a siren started and the other side of the facility just dropped off further in the earth. I saw what they meant.

We were on top of a giant hole the facility had been just clinging on the top the other part just dropped in the bottom.

It took probably fifteen minutes before it hit the ground and was barely visible anymore. Then it blew up.

I almost lost my bearing even though it was inside the metal ball that once was part of this facility and I was behind a thick bulletproof window which shattered instantly.

but the only thing I saw down there was another hole, no it was a tunnel. I asked them what it was, and they asked what I mean. I said there was a tunnel on the bottom.

And I heard loud cursing from the other end. they said it survived. No that is not possible that had to be at least the force of an atomic bomb.

I just heard that There never was a tunnel and There never should be any holes in the walls. They were supposed to be intact and not even the bomb would be able to break through the walls.

Entry #7

They are coming to pick me up the only thing I can leave is my diary. All the other things will be taken with me. Please if you find this run and never return. The thing, we cant stop it.

There is no way we can stop it. We are just prolonging the inevitable. If my calculations are right the thing is more powerful than an atomic bomb. His fucking punch is more powerful than one.

and it cannot be killed with one. I don't know how it is supposed to be killed if not even a fucking bomb as powerful as an atomic bomb. and it has the destructive strength of one easily.

It can probably tear a city to a ruble in minutes. All those serums it pumped in. They made its skin so tough even bombs won't stand a chance against it. We can only pray it just goes deeper in the earth and stays there and never comes back up. We don't know what it wants, but we can only hope we are not in its way.

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