Please Come Back
Please Come Back #elleseng stories

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I love you. You loved me

Please Come Back

I love you

You loved me

I don't know if you still do

I hope you do

I pray you do

I long for you, and what we had

I long for it, the bond we shared

When I had you, a side of you, for only me

Now I catch mere glimpses, fleeting glances, at who you used to be.

Used to be for me

Used to be to me

I miss it

Your smile still lights me up

Your touch still tingles

Your eyes still draw me in

Your self still calls me

But I know you will never be mine again

When you were, I was not ready

And now I am, you're done with it

I love you

I crave you

I need you

When we talk, I pray for you to slip,

When you touch me, I pray for you to hold me

When you look at me, I search for that look you used to give me

But I know, that we will never be

Maybe they were right, that first love never lasts

But I don't even know, if I can live without

You, in my life, whatever way, I can have

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

Please come back

And hold me

Whatever you need

I'll give it

Just come back

And love me

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