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As an author, I am compelled to write about what I feel most often... what I feel most often is hurt

... but I NEVER Had a Mom

When I would fall and scrape my knee

She wasn’t there to kiss it better

No loving embrace and no home cooked meals

No shelter through bad weather

Oatmeal was the dish of choice,

No cinnamon or sugar or butter

“You’re not getting anything else so you better eat!”

Are the words that she would utter.

Fast forward to my grownup years

And I wish I could erase that time,

As I always knew I had a mother...

... but I NEVER had a mom.

No endearing terms no loving hugs

For her one and only son,

I remember being put out in the freezing cold

‘Til she felt my time was done.

She loved my sisters more than me,

If she even loved me at all

As she’s always gone the extra mile for them,

But if I’d trip she’d just help me fall.

Some hold dear the mem’ries of their mommy

Others treasure their loving Ma

While I always knew I had a mother

... but I NEVER had a mom.

I take no walks down mem’ry lane

I remember what I’d like to forget

The beatings, the bruises, the countless blows

The marks on my young son’s neck.

Rewind the tape and press record,

And make precious times anew.

But alas the tab’s been broken, the scenes carved in stone,

This tragedy I share now with you.

I’ve had relatives who loved me,

And I’ve smiled a time or two

I’ve gone through life knowing I have a mother

... but I NEVER had a mom, like you.

I lied in a hospital bed bleeding to death

And many a visitor came

But never that one special visitor,

I dare not say her name.

I bear the bruises still today

But the invisible ones hurt the most

They’re a parasite feeding on what I am needing

And I’m the helpless host.

Something is killing me ever so slowly

I’m living on borrowed time,

My heart breaks at the thought of having a mother

... but I NEVER had a mom.

Copyright ©️2018 Nathaniel A. Booker, Sr.

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