Goodbye: The Hardest Word to Say
Goodbye: The Hardest Word to Say sad stories

n3verm0re Heyo! I'm Shade, just a over hyper teen
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When a sibling fight escalates, prices will be paid in ways unimaginable
(TW: De/th, kn/ves, st/bbing)

Goodbye: The Hardest Word to Say

Goodbye- Those words I never wanted to utter in my life. I knew it would have to happen one day, but today? Today was too early.

The day had started out fine. Nothing seemed like it could have gone wrong. Usually when that feeling comes, one should be cautious. Fate likes to play with innocent people.

I slid down the stairs on my way to go eat breakfast and head to school when I slammed into my older brother, who was eating a bowl of cereal.

On impact, he spilled the cereal everywhere, flinging milk and cheerios every which way.

He glared at me and started to chew me out, saying things like I was stupid, and that I never thought anything through.

Needless to say, we started arguing, throwing insults and bringing up touchy subjects left and right. It took everything our mom had to pull us off of each other.

This fight was mistake #1- It put us both in sour attitudes. We were silent all the way to school. We didn't even say anything as we headed to our classes.

He was 17, two years older than me. We had grown up real close together. Sure I could annoy him at times, but it took a lot to separate us.

We had been through a lot of bad things and good things, but we had never had a real big fight before. Sure it had started with a bowl of cereal, but it had escalated pretty fast.

By the time school was over, we were both still mad at each other. Mistake #2. If we had just forgiven each other, then this wouldn't have happened......

As we walked, I could feel him glaring at me- After a bit, I snapped. Mistake #3

"What?!" I shouted. "Why do you always have to just stand there an glower at me?!"

"I'm not glowering, nimrod-" He retorted.

Our arguing escalated and ended in me storming off down the road on my own, after saying some real nasty stuff to my brother.

Mistake #4 I decided to take a shortcut through an alleyway, so that I could get home faster. Mistake #5- I wasn't alone in that dark alley.... a big man with a knife came up behind me.

I turned around and screamed as he tried to stab me. I barely manged to avoid the blade as I spun around and dashed down the alley. Pretty soon I came up to a dead end. Panic filled me.

I thought I was gonna die right there. The large thug loomed over me, ready to give the final blow, but it never came. The man was tackled and thrown to the ground.

I quickly pulled out my phone and called the police as the two people fought on the ground.

There was a loud groan and the thug got up and ran off- I ran over to the other person lying on the pavement. As I got closer I realized it was my brother. I knelt down to check on him.

He had several small wounds and a large one in his side, from the knife.

"R-risu....." he said, choking my name out. I could feel tears forming in my eyes. "I-i'm sorry....."

I aggressively shook my head, not wanting this to be true.

"I'm the one who should be sorry! I was such a idiot!"

"In that case.... I-I forgive you...." He said, a sad smile growing on his face. "G-goodbye...."

Those were the last things he ever said... I never got say anything back to him before he died... he died trying to save me, even though I had been awful to him that day.

It was too early though. Too early to say goodbye to him.

Never have I hated one word so much in my life....

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