the only one
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myworldiswonder creative until I die™ 💕
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This fun little story is about someone who is crushing my heart at the moment <3

the only one

by myworldiswonder

I never really noticed him until it was too late...

his captivating smile and charm had caught some other lonely girl before I even knew his name

I made up my mind in that moment

why set up your gullible heart with someone who didn't see you the way you saw them

but with every breath he drew and all the support he gave;

my heart wouldn't listen to me anymore

the closeness of us grew; I learned his hobbies and dreams

and he learned mine

intense conversations brewed and I was putting all

my soul into a future that didn't exist.

at times he made me feel like I was the one he loved

but he would always come back to her, whether I expected it or not

but still my heart longed for him when I closed my eyes

all I could picture was him kissing me, and telling me that I was enough

I'm being controlled by my desires

I cannot imagine a life without him; Is this lust? love?

why do I still crave him in my need, when I could be

out there living my life with someone who loves me more than I will ever know...

this black pit of love is pretty deep, I'm not sure how to

emerge from its grasping hand;

maybe life is better

out on dry land.

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