one of a kind ~/part one/~
one of a kind ~/part one/~ stories

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this is based on two internet boys that i care about a lot (no shame)

one of a kind ~/part one/~

by myworldiswonder

Once there was a boy who was trying to figure out

where he belonged in this crazy world...

His name was Dan

at the time he wasn't sure how to carry himself or

if being his true self was an option for his upcoming future

One day while unwinding on the internet he came across a

somber haired boy with a quirky video channel

The boy intrigued Dan the most with his

exclusive ideas, whimsical personality, and his sympathitic nature

His name was Phil

Dan really thought Phil had something about him that was

different from the rest; Dan wanted his own channel to be like Phil's. He concluded that maybe they could be good friends...

Dan eventually after many times regretting to do so finally

messaged Phil about hanging out together; he used there similar likes and dislikes to advertise himself as a good person.

Dan was nervous; he hadn't had a hounourable friend for

most of his life and he didn't want to turmoil this perfect scenario.

After extensive skype calls for weeks

they finally both met in person...

The next few weeks they spent together where

the best of Dan's life; he had never connected more to someone in his life then had with Phil

Both Dan and Phil decide to make a video together

that would be frivolous yet outlined; and it would capture who they both where as creators

Little did they know; that one lucid action would generate

a exceptional future that was unlike anything they could ever imagine

A few years elapsed and they had formed an

unbreakable bond that could not in any way, brech them apart..

Or so it seemed...

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