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**This is all made up hahaha**<br/><br/>~ This is just a short story about a girl named Amelia that has had a tough time in life... <br/>but luckily she has a friend named Eil who supports her no matter what ~


by myworldiswonder

"I can feel everything when I'm near you" he said.

but maybe that's a bad thing...I thought

his caring smile met my thoughts…he frowned slowly.

I couldn't bear to look; while he cautiously moved in closer. I sighed watching my hot breath leave my mouth in the bitter november air. "It may not be all for the best" I finally answered him.

"why do you say that?" he asked curiously.

I looked down at my worn-out sneakers as my voice changed pitch. "you don't want to feel what i've one wants to". Eli's breathing changed; and I thought I knew what he was going to say

I managed to finish my sentence before I closed my eyes.

I hid the waters that were flowing down my cheeks with heavy breathing. I open my eyes casually sniffling softly still peering at the damp forest ground.

"Amelia…"Eli said quietly. I slowly turn to look at him.

His craven amber eyes looked through me and saw my pain. No words were needed to be said. He knew. and I knew.

Eli closed his eyes and leaned his near forehead on mine.

"I'll wait..."he issued me as a faint grin appeared on his soft skin. I laughed softly smiling with teeth. " Eli...I...i just...wanted to say..." I stuttered as the temperature outside increased

"shh..." he insisted. he grabbed my hands and held them.

he used his pointer finger to trace my dry palm of my hand and my nerves faded away. my world suddenly moved in slow motion as a I peered down at our intertwined hands.

In that moment I finally understood what friendship felt like; smelt like; looked like. I was weightless, but with Eli's strength he anchored me to earth.

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