I have a purpose

myunsaidrealityMy battlefield
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I have a purpose

by myunsaidreality

I'm okay

I'm okay

... I repeat it 50 times a day

If I stop even for a second

I'll drown in all the reasons that I'm not

because I'm not okay. I left everyone I cared about

And the others left me

So I have nothing to live for

Yet somehow I'm still alive

You need to understand that sometimes

Just being alive is enough. It's more than enough

However, If I'm alive that means I still have purpose

I hope to find it and suceed this time.

This is why I'm living. I'm living for myself and to find a hopeless reason. A purpose. I still have one So do you

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Love your attitude nice work

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This was very positive and true. I loved it. This is an incredibly astute poem. Great work!!!