The Tales of Anna Town.
The Tales of Anna Town. stories

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This is the creepiest of all

The Tales of Anna Town.

Day 1: I see something on my desk, but my mind doesn't want to look at it. It must be a bug, which I'm terrified of, unless its a butterfly because they're beautiful.

My teacher starts the day by asking everyone how their weekend was, why do teachers even have to ask us useless and boring questions.

But immediately my friend , Michelle, answers by saying, "I went to a water park in the North of town!", she's always trying to fish for complements from anyone like a teacher of course.

I ignore both of those statements by looking at some drawings I sketched in my book.


", oh shoot the teacher just called my name, "Do you want to share what you're doing!

" Oh god please something stop me from going up to the front of the class and show my privacy, so as I walk up to the teachers desk and hand it to her everyone screams.

The screams make me jump as I drop the notebook right next to my teacher, who's on the ground shaking rapidly.

I am stunned by this moment of my teacher on the tiled floor, her eyes begin to turn grey with her veins becoming pale as a rock.

"Anna! Get the hell away from her!" Michelle yells at me, so I immediately step away until my teacher grabs my leg and try's to bite it. What in the world is happening

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