Tragic Remembrance
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A love tested by fate that ends in a tragic downfall...

Inspired by William Shakespeare's work: Macbeth

Tragic Remembrance

I begin to suck the sadness

Right from your soul

Making your eyes bloom like flowers

Turning them to gold.

Do you see your lips?

They’re the color of your blood

Sinking into my hand

Look at the flood.

Through your soul’s kaleidoscope

You look to the stars

They speak of broken dreams

And a million scars.

Tripping down the path

Of your happy beginning

Now you're tumbling further

To your sorrowful ending.

Lucky for you

I have a metal scope

To guide you back

To the time you had hope.

Your arms are shaking

As your eyes search of light

Nothing compares to the setting

Of this dark, stormy night.

I begin to start realizing

That we should've rehearsed

Because from the day we first met

This world was meant to burst.

Grab of your face

Touch of your flesh

You stare right through me

So it's time to refresh.

Your mind goes back in time

To when all was simple

We were together then

But now our hearts are crippled.

My simple voice

Used to fill your ears

With nothing but passion

And love mixed with tears.

I'm running out of time

It's getting late

I shake you by your shoulders

I hope this is fate.

You wake up to my whispers

Almost like Macbeth

You took a step back

But fell to your death.

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