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mysunrise24 I have nothing to say except everything
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"I am working on myself, for myself, by myself".

Self Discovery

As they say

"I am changing myself

for myself

by myself"

And that is exactly what I'm doing.

I am so proud of myself already.

I've made a handful of changes in my life

Within my one month break from university.

I have begun to discipline my thoughts

By limiting the negative ones

Or diminishing the negatives completely.

This in my opinion

Is my road to self discovery.

It is true for me to say I don't know myself well enough

Because if I did I wouldn't be so lost.

Now I know when a good time to drop those who are no longer bettering my life

I want nothing more than to do what is best for me

Even if that is doing what is hard.

In the next month I hope to develop better habits

Such as motivation to study more

And to turn my mind away from things that do not benefit me.

I am on a road to somewhere

And I think it will be magnificent.

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