Things Can Be Better

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A poem about how things can be better if you change the way you think and speak about yourself.

Things Can Be Better

Written by: Samantha Dearing

We strive for perfection And all that is good But we miss the memories, The events that would Have happened.

If we just let things go Then we would see It all and know That mistakes and flaws Are just a part of nature. Just be yourself and Stop striving to be like her.

You are brave, strong, Beautiful, kind, Amazing, and you have Such a brilliant mind. You have so much worth, So much left to give, And you will find your purpose, So please, just, live.

Don't waste the gift Given to you today. Don't go around And say "I hate it here" "I hate being this way" You need to pause And just pay

Some attention To these words you say You might not mean it, But you think it, And soon, You'll become it. So maybe it's time For you to sit.

Think about what you say, Don't just spit Out the first words That come to mind And you just Might find Things can be better.

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