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mysticmanaged Community member
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A poem that I made eons ago when I was trying to explain my anxiety. While looking back at the poem, I edited it as if I was looking back at myself. It is the reason for my hiatus.

Time Bomb

I know a girl with a time bomb stuck in her head...

It's difficult to remember things, heck it may be difficult to get out of bed. But her reason is different from a "I don't want to," or, "I can't even move" kind of mood. It's sometimes different when you have a time bomb in your head.

She goes to school with weight and fear on her shoulders, And she apologizes for every innocent syllable she says. While the non-existent things she hears and sees never cease to remind her of the time bomb ticking away in her head.

She takes part in groups with people she is afraid of. If there is a lost game she takes fault in the end. Even the smallest person can be so dangerously big compared to her, and it worsens the time bomb stuck on her head.

It is a tad tough, with the weight on her shoulders. She fears for the worst, at any moment, the time can end. We all have connections with her issues with worry, but I know how they feel with that bomb in their head.

As I stand with weak knees, everyone's tall before me, my bottle of self-esteem with almost nothing left, I want to apologize for the innocent syllables I say and for not knowing which wire to cut in the end.

The non-existent things that I sometimes see, and the words I thought I heard, but were never really said, remind me of that constant ticking in multiples of three that is said to be "all in my head."

Ticking Ticking Ticking Ticking Tick Tick Tick

And it will not get out of my head.

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