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How many times per week if you are living alone?

Grocery Shopping

That's exactly what I do--just buy enough for 1 or 2 days (I live alone). My main grocery store is just a block away. I used to do the weekly stock up trip thing, but somewhere along the line I stopped doing that. When I was a single adult, living in a city, that was my usual approach too.

I used to live across the street from a store, I would shop almost every day. It wasn't the cheapest store in town and I paid for the convenience of walking across the street, but we had almost no food waste because nothing went rotten.

Now I shop twice a week and it ticks me off when I JUST bought lettuce 3 days ago & it's already gone rotten. I tried both daily and weekly. When me and my then-partner (now ex) were both working full time, going once a week or every two weeks worked well. Now that I work part time, I have more time. So I go every day to get just the things I need.

Comparing the two, if time is not a factor, I like going every day. I get maybe 2 or three days worth, because, since I live alone, anything perishable will probably spoil and non-perishables are likely to sit un-noticed in a cupboard till I'm dead.

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