ABC of an Introvert Life

       ABC of an Introvert Life
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Introversion dictionary

ABC of an Introvert Life

Deep down I can't survive without regularly having time away from the world. I like simple meals without many different foods and tastes. I feel a little bit lost in big crowds.

Introversion means preferring the inner world, thinking about ideas and wanting to understand. Work best when they're alone.

Prefer deep one-on-one conversations and don't know how to do small talk. Are easily distracted by the environment's stimuli (need to make sure there are no distractions). Introverts are supposed to be more cat people.

They need to recharge in solitude after being exposed to active happenings in their surroundings. The key is to understand yourself better and build your life on your strengths.

Because you're an introvert, you probably have the ability to study things better and faster. Introverts are usually much better at written rather than oral communication.

Introverts constantly reconcile what is going on in the outer world with what they believe to be true in their inner world. If they encounter a lot of dissonance between the two, the reconciliation process uses up energy. They may need to get away to re-charge.

If an introvert continuously hears an extrovert’s thoughts before they are well formulated, it can be draining. The introvert is filtering, filtering to get to the point and figure out whether it resonates with his or her inner world ideals. The filtering is draining and if the mate’s words don’t line up with their values there is reconciliation to do.

Introverts often monopolize conversations because if they are the ones doing all the talking, there is less reconciling to do. The content is safe and aligned with their inner worlds.

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