Top Eight Warriors Cats That Are The Worst
Top Eight Warriors Cats That Are The Worst 10 stories

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My Top ten cats that are the worst. I...I hate my opinions sometimes so: ;-;

Top Eight Warriors Cats That Are The Worst


1. Brokenstar - A complete fool and he killed so many cats and made the apprentices and kits be warriors too early that he shouldn't of been leader in the first place.


2. Tigerstar - He killed the leader's deputy Redtail and he almost killed Firestar. He was just an idiot as well. Just look back at Scourge and BloodClan and there it is, self explanatory. Also, he always had very very big ambition, which of course was a problem as you see him trying to kill Bluestar and then Firestar so he could be leader.


3. Mapleshade - She is like the number one serial killer in this series. She was just cruel despite her sad background on loosing her kits. Appledusk shouldn't of been killed. Like what the fuck?


4. Darkstripe - 1.) He almost killed Sorrelkit and 2.) he was just a coward who wanted to live in Tigerstar's shadow. He wasn't really a good character anyway. He always had such an attitude about everything and hated Firestar even though he was the best leader of any of them besides Bluestar and Tallstar.


5. Ashfur - He was just a downright pathetic. He wanted to kill both a leader and medicine cat and He wanted to kill Squirrelflight's loved ones even though he loved her? Shows his good side doesn't it? And he almost killed Lionpaw in a training session. Do I really have to say more? The dark forest wouldn't even take him because StarClan didn't want another cat against them. Ha ha.


6. Rowanstar - He was a jerk to ThunderClan after Dustpelt died for them and even was a downright jerk to his own mate. The reason he isn't higher is simple, we haven't seen too much of him. Otherwise he’d be much lower. He’s a jerk and downright ungrateful


7. Bramblestar - He was okay as Brambleclaw, though a little plain. But when he was leader…He is a horrible, unfair leader, and treats his mate and deputy like fresh-kill. He does not really take in note other cats feelings, especially Squrrielflight’s. And once again, the problem with Tigerstar’s kits.


7. Onestar- He started getting really rude to ThunderClan after he became leader. He is a lot like Rowanstar in that situation entirely. I really hated him being like that but as Onewhisker I still love him. He blames the death of his clanmate, Furzepelt, on ShadowClan even though she was killed by the claws of rogues and not SC's. He even tries to raid TC camp one time.


8. Even after being driven out from ShadowClan, Sol continued to be able to pit Clan cats against each other, even fooling the Three into thinking he could teach them more about their prophecy. And all of this from a failed warrior bitter about his exile from SkyClan, determined to ruin every Clan for refusing to let him be one of them. Once again, another jerk.

Well that's all for today guys. I'm gonna start posting warriors art this week and might do requests.

Well that's all for today guys. I'm gonna start posting warriors art this week and might do requests. Bye, Magics!

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