The Rogues|Part 2|
The Rogues|Part 2| warriorcats stories

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Second part to the Rp series me and @windsong and @muffincuteness are doing.

The Rogues|Part 2|

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw looks around. Dewpaw is nowhere insight. ~She must have left~ Silverpaw thought. "I think she left to ShadowClan. If that's where she came from."

(Icepaw) Icepaw looked between the two She-cats in front of him. They looked alike.

(Darkclaw) Darkclaw skirts a dead bush, hearing enemy cat mews. He growls and leaps at Silverpaw. "Get away from our territory!" He hisses and claws some of her fur out.

(Silverstripe) Silverstripe studied Icepaw and Silverpaw mostly she looked at Silverpaw because they looked so similar except that she had less stripes then her. Silverstripe ignored the attack with Darkclaw and spoke. "I . . . my name is actually Silvermoon. I think . . . Why do you look like me?" Silverstripe asked the silver cat.

(Icepaw) Icepaw cowers down low.

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw closed her eyes and sensed the cat jumping at her. She didn't know what to do. She wasn't good at anything to do with fighting.

(Darkclaw) Darkclaw eventually gives up and runs in the direction Dewpaw went.

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw is hunched down low, her whole body shivering. She knew she would die. She knew it. "Silverpaw . . . it is okay now." Silverstripe/Silvermoon's voice called to her. Silverpaw opened her eyes and blinked at Silverstripe. ~I thought that she hated me?She does seem familiar tho . . . thats probably why. I was familiar.~

(Icepaw) Icepaw follows Darkclaw.

(Silverpaw) "Wait!!!" she shouts at Icepaw.

(Icepaw) He stops."Yes...?" He asks.

(Silverpaw)"Meet me in the woods next to ThunderClan" is all she said. (the one in Her Strength)

(Icepaw) "... I will!" He said, following Darkclaw.

(Dewpaw) Darkclaw enters Dewpaw's den and she wakes up but can't fight. He starts circling her. "You useless lump of fur! You were supposed to kill Foxkit!" He spat. "And you didn't. So now, we need to kill you." He lunges at her and grabs her neck. She pounds her hind paws on his stomach, but he doesn't let go.

(Dewpaw) "This is for Foxkit!" She screeches, and bites hard on his ear. He yowls and lets go of her. She leaps up and hisses.

(Icepaw) Icepaw jumps into the den and on top of Darkclaw, digging his claws in.

(Dewpaw) Dewpaw leaps at Darkclaw's face, tearing at his eyes and nose. He backs out of the den and runs away. Dewpaw pants and flicks blood off her paw. "S-sorry..." She limps to the back and flops down. She starts cleaning her wounds.

(Icepaw) Icepaw runs into the forest and grabs herbs, running back to Dewpaw, he lays them down he side her. "H-Here..." He said.

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw gets up and shakes herself off. She then nods to Silverstripe quickly and tells her to meet her in the same place.She then runs to ThunderClan.

(Icepaw) "I-I'm sorry..." He stammers to Dewpaw.

(Dewpaw) She quietly eats them and puts some on her wounds. "Thanks." She sighs and falls asleep from exhaustion.

(Silverstripe) Silverstripe eventually goes home. thinking about the silver cats with stripes. ~Who is this Silverpaw? She seems familiar.~ She ignored the thoughts as she ran over to RiverClan. ~May StarClan be with you, Silverpaw. May whatever the case.~


~WindClan forest~

(Dewpaw) Dewpaw wakes up sore. She yawns and stretches, then exits her den in search of food. She looks around. ~Where did Icepaw go?~

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw stretched and jumped on her paws. She was excited because she would meet Icepaw and Silverstripe in the woods today and she could tell Silverstripe she looks like her sister. Or is her sister.

~WindClan forest~

(Dewpaw) Dewpaw shrugs and goes to the stream nearby. She laps the water and stretches again. "Nice day, huh?" She jumps and flips around to see a handsome tom. He had glossy black fur and green eyes. "W-who are y-you?!" She backs up but ends up in the water. She hisses and shakes her paw off. "I'm Crow. I think I'm lost..." He looked around him and turned to Dewpaw. "Can you help me?"

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw studied her den for a moment and felt bored. She wanted to hangout with Icecloud but she felt bored and decided to check on Dewpaw and Icepaw, even though it was against the Warrior Code.

(Silverpaw) She leaped out of her den and raced across the camp, darting around the edges of being almost caught. She ran out of the gorse tunnel and ran into the forest trees. She would see Dewpaw first and then meet Silverstripe and Icepaw in the forest by Thunderclan. They probably not there anyway.

Dewpaw blinks. "Um...Okay....." She pads up to him. "So where did you come from?" He nods towards Thunderclan. "Okay, and where do you want to go?" He shrugs. "I'm a loner." "Oh." Dewpaw scents the air. She could smell Silverpaw coming. "Hide!" She hissed to Crow, and shoved him in her den.

(Dewpaw) She turns in the direction of Silverpaw and waits.

(Silverpaw) "Hey, Dewpaw." Silverpaw whispered. She scented some kind of loner scent here already but she shook her head. It was probably an old scent.

(Dewpaw) Dewpaw smiles. "Hi. Have you seen Icepaw today?"

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw shakes her head. "No. I haven't but I will see her soon in the forest. You can come if you want. And Crow. I know your hiding out here!"

(Silverpaw) "I know who you are. Your that loner by ThunderClan right!?" Silverpaw shouts into Crow's hiding spot.

(Crow) Crow slowly creeps out, then moves protectively in front of Dewpaw. "How do you know me?"

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw studied him. "Because I have seen you around by ThunderClan. I always saw Duspelt and Thornclaw always chasing you off."

(Silverpaw) A noise came from behind Silverpaw. She spun around, her claws unsheathed. It was only Poppyfrost.

(Poppyfrost) "What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be picking tics." Poppyfrost muttered in annoyance, looking between Dewpaw and Crow.

(Dewpaw) Dewpaw gasped and looked down. "Crow...come on!" She trotted into her den. "Don't worry about Dustpelt. He is a grumpy father. Thornclaw though, is more reasonable." Crow nodded. "I didn't realize there were territories. I come from Twolegplace."

(Dewdrop) Dewpaw nods. "I got banished from my clan... I went into ThunderClan but then to ShadowClan. I got banished from ShadowClan for breaking the Warrior Code. I guess my name should be Dew now. Or Dewdrop." Crow purred. "I like Dewdrop." "Thanks!" Dewdrop mewed. She stuck her head of her den to see if Poppyfrost was gone. She wasn't.

(Silverpaw) Poppyfrost flicked her ears, waiting for something. "T-t-they were crossing the boundary's . . ."

(Icepaw) Icepaw walked to where Silverpaw wanted to meet him, near ThunderClan borders without crossing them.

(Silverpaw) Silverpaw stuttered. Poppyfrost ignored her and started toward ThunderClan. "Okay. Be careful. Be back before I say something . . ." she trailed off as she left. Silverpaw shivered and sighed. ~I wish I was in a more dedicated clan. Like rogues. They at least don't show that I am useless.~

(Dewdrop) Dewdrop sticks her head back in and turns to Crow. "We have to stay for a while here." He nods and follows her out to Silverpaw. "Everything okay?" She asks.

(Icepaw) Icepaw sits down.

(Silverpaw) "N-no." Says Silverpaw, trying to keep herself from crying.

Like for a Part 3!

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