Me, Moonwatcher, and Stargazer have a talk about love.
Me, Moonwatcher, and Stargazer have a talk about love. wof stories
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Oh boy! What's going to happen in the conversation?!

Me, Moonwatcher, and Stargazer have a talk about love.


Hey, Nightseer. Sorry I am late.

Oh . . . Hey, Moonwatcher. No. Don't be sorry. You were not late.


Where's Stargazer? I thought she would be here by now.

I think she was with Winter or . . . that scavenger she has been friends with.

Scavenger? What scavenger?

I think it's name was . . . Baky or Baku something. Three moons . . . I don't know.

*bursts into library* Sorry i'm late! I was . . . studying scrolls with . . . Starflight.

*smiles* Nice to see you again, Star. Me and Nightseer were talking about-

*glares at Moonwatcher* We were talking about Queen Glory.

Oh. Cool. So what were we here to talk about?

We were here to talk about our relationships . . . Love.

*says to Stargazer* Like you and Winter. *says to Moonwatcher* Like you and Qibli.

Like me and Starseeker. Sort of.

Oh! Is this what we were here to talk about? . . . then I must go.

What?! Why?

Because . . . I love two . . . I don't know who I truly love.

That's what we are here to talk about. Our relationships.

Oh. . . Well if you are asking . . . me and Qibli are getting along fine. He knows about everything and . . . I think he might engage me.

*gasps* Really??

Really. I think we might make it official.

Congrats. I really don't know how my relationship with Winter is going. I mean . . . I found someone different and I don't know if I like him or not.

What? Doesn't that mean that you don't love Winter no more?

Of course not. I just don't know how my relationship with . . . Bakugoa is going.

*nods* I know him. He is from . . . Where is he from?

He is from . . .Musutafu something. He is very nice and I don't know if I like him or not. He is a scavenger after all. Though he is very angry.

You cannot like a scavenger. They are . . . I almost got killed by one. I don't trust them.

*shakes her head* If she likes a scavenger like that then I respect it. Though . . . I think you should stay with Winter. I don't want to see him get hurt again.

Thanks, Moonwatcher. I do agree with you both though. I will stay with Winter . . . even though *blushes* I might really like Bakugoa.

*sighs* That's fine with me. As long as you don't break Winter's heart or fall in love with that scavenger. *walks out of library*

Same. *checks invisible watch* Three moons! I am supposed to meet Qibli. *runs out of library*

It's is too late for that, Night. I have already fallen deep in love with the strange scavenger.

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