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"Let's get this over with."

|ʜᴇʀ ꜱᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜ| ~ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ꜰᴏᴜʀ

I woke up to the distant sound of birds chirping and a waterfall dripping nearby. I open my eyes and nearly scream. Blackfur was standing over me. "What are you doing here?!" I yelled. He silenced me with his paw over my mouth. "I was wondering if you would like to go hunting with me?" I stared at him. Taking cats from other clans is totally against the Warrior Code. He looked really cute tho . . . ~>

What was I even thinking?! He was a cat from another clan. I couldn't be possibly falling in love with him! It is like Leafpool and Crowfeather all over again. "I . . .uh . . .can't. It is against the Warrior Code. You know that. I could also get in serious trouble."I mewed sternly. Even though I really wanted to go, I couldn't. Not if it went against the important Warrior Code. "I know. It is just one little ~>

hunt. Besides . . . I really liked spending time with you yesterday." Blackfur explained. I sighed. I wasn't going to get away from Blackfur that easily. "Okay. We have to keep it in secret though. I don't want this getting out, mousebrain." Blackfur nodded. "Where?" I asked, clearly scared of getting caught but going along. "Not as far as the last time. Just by that . . .Moonpool."~>

I rolled my eyes and mewed under my breath. "Let's get this over with." --------------------------------------- Blackfur let me to an amount of land with a gray cave sitting in the middle. I could see the Moonpool inside of the cave, glinting against the bright sun. I wanted to go inside there but I knew I couldn't. It was only reserved for Medicine cats and brand new Leaders. ~>

I looked around me as I caught sight of a large squirrel scurrying across the grass. I leaping after it and watched as it sat down to fluff it's tail. I pounced on it, biting it on it's small paw. "Great job!" Blackfur exclaimed, coming toward me with two voles and one shrew. "Thanks," I mumbled around the squirrel in my mouth. He smiled making my heart flutter. ~>

What was happening to me?? I ignored the feeling and started biting pieces of of my meal.My thoughts throughout the night coming back to focus. Why was Leafpool and Jayfeather acting so weird? Why was Jayfeather weirded out? I looked down at my prey and dropped it. I ran toward the Moonpool, ignoring Blackfur's cry's behind me. There was something pulling~>

me toward the Moonpool and Medicine Den. Like it was some sort of destiny. I ran into the cave and immediately tapped my nose against the shining water. I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen. A tingling sensation spread throughout my body. It felt . . .nice. I blinked open my eyes and gasped at what I saw. ~>

There were a bunch of cats in some sort of camp. They had shining fur, like stars in the sky. Two cats came over to me; A black one with yellow eyes and a black cat with brown eyes and brown and white spotted fur. I was frightened. I didn't know who these cats were and why were they all staring at me? "Welcome, Young apprentice." Said the yellowed eyed one. ~?

"Greetings. Welcome to StarClan." The spotted one spoke. "What?" I asked. "StarClan. Yes. That fleabrain said it right." yellow eyed growled, glaring at the spotted cat. "Who are you? Both of you?" I questioned. The spotted cat smiled. For some odd reason I liked her more than the yellow eyed cat. "I am Spottedleaf. The ~>

Medicine cat before Leafpool and Cinderpelt." Spottedleaf! I heard of that name before. I don't remember where though. "And I am Yellowfang."The yellowed eyed cat mewed. "Oh! I have heard of you both before. Aren't you both Medicine cats or . . .were?" I exclaimed, studying the both cats. "Correct." Spottedleaf purred, nodding. "Have you heard of ~>

what a Medicine Cats's job is?" I studied her for a second. "They collect herbs and . . ." My mind went blank. Was that all they did? "They don't just collect herbs. They share dreams with StarClan. They also heal cats and make sure cats don't die. That is a very important job." Spottedleaf explained. "No. They uphold the Warrior Code you piece of crowfood." Yellowfang inserted before~>

I could speak. Spottedleaf rolled her eyes. "Yes but that doesn't even qualify. All warriors, leaders, apprentices, elders, and kits know that as well. They all knew ever since kithood." I nodded. "I have heard of it from my mother." Yellowfang studied me, her yellow eyes blazing like fire. "Isn't she the one who died and left you with ThunderClan? With no brother or sisters? ~>

Who was mousebrained thinking to leave you alone as a kit."I winced. That hurt even more than she thought it did. "Yellowfang! What in the Silverpelt is wrong with you? You can't say that to her." Spottedleaf seethed, glaring sharply at the black Medicine Cat. "Yes I can." Yellowfang growled.

I sighed. "What did you guys even want from me? I couldn't have came here for nothing." Spottedleaf turned to me, her eyes full of kindness and loyalty. "We made you come here because you have a purpose to serve your clan." "What purpose. I am only an apprentice?" Yellowfang pointed her tail toward me. "Your true purpose is to serve ThunderClan as a Medicine Cat apprentice."

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